Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron DellCANG341989-05-04206 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Aleksander BarkovFINC281995-09-02210 Lbs6 ft30No7 yearsPro & FarmNo$12,500,097$12,500,097$12,500,097$12,500,097$12,500,097
Alex BelzileCANC/LW/RW321991-08-31180 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Andrew CoglianoCANC/LW361987-06-14177 Lbs5 ft100Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Antti RaantaFING341989-05-12196 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,000,000$1,000,000
Artem AnisimovRUSC/LW351988-05-24198 Lbs6 ft411Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Carter RowneyCANC/RW341989-05-10206 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Chris TerryCANRW341989-04-07191 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Christopher TanevCAND331989-12-20197 Lbs6 ft23Yes2 yearsPro OnlyNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Cliff PuCANC/RW251998-06-03185 Lbs6 ft212Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Cody EakinCANC321991-05-24190 Lbs6 ft04Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Cole CaufieldUSALW/RW222001-01-02162 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Connor RouletteCANC/LW202003-05-13181 Lbs5 ft1025No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Corey CrawfordCANG381984-12-31216 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Danny O'ReganUSAC291994-01-30180 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Eric GrybaCAND351988-04-14222 Lbs6 ft416Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Erik JohnsonUSAD351988-03-21225 Lbs6 ft40Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
James NealCANRW361987-09-03212 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jesper SellgrenSWED251998-06-11183 Lbs5 ft1012Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
John MarinoUSAD261997-05-21181 Lbs6 ft140No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Joseph BlandisiCANC/RW291994-07-18187 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Kevin ShattenkirkUSAD341989-01-29206 Lbs6 ft035Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000
Landon FerraroCANC/RW321991-08-08173 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Logan DayUSAD291994-09-19210 Lbs6 ft19No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Lukas DostalCZEG232000-06-22174 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Mackenzie BlackwoodCANG261996-12-09228 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Marc MethotCAND381985-06-21233 Lbs6 ft115Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Marcus FolignoUSALW321991-08-10228 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Marcus JohanssonSWEC/LW/RW321990-10-06205 Lbs6 ft112Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Martin HanzalCZEC361987-02-20230 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Martin MarincinSVKD311992-02-18213 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Matias MaccelliFINLW222000-10-14176 Lbs5 ft1113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Matt GrzelcykUSAD291994-01-05174 Lbs5 ft90Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Miikka SalomakiFINC/LW/RW301993-03-09203 Lbs5 ft118Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mikael PyyhtiaFINLW212001-12-17154 Lbs6 ft091No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Nikita TryamkinRUSD291994-08-30265 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro OnlyNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Paul StastnyUSAC371985-12-27193 Lbs6 ft020Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,300,000
Roman JosiCHED331990-06-01201 Lbs6 ft10Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,059,000$9,059,000$9,059,000$9,059,000$9,059,000
Ryan FitzgeraldUSAC/LW/RW281994-10-19172 Lbs5 ft90Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsCANC/LW301993-04-12184 Lbs6 ft00Yes6 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,700,000$8,700,000$8,700,000$8,700,000$8,700,000
Steven StamkosCANC/LW/RW331990-02-07194 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,500,000
Tim HeedSWED321991-01-27185 Lbs6 ft035Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Trevor DaleyCAND391983-10-09195 Lbs5 ft1127Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Ty SmithCAND232000-03-24175 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Tyler MotteUSAC/LW/RW281995-03-10192 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Viktor ArvidssonSWELW/RW301993-04-08180 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,250,000
Zach HymanCANC/LW/RW311992-06-09209 Lbs6 ft115Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,900,000$5,900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4730,6197 Lbs6 ft 02,17 years$2,541,151 4430


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex NewhookCANC/LW222001-01-28190 Lbs5 ft1024No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Anders LeeUSAC/LW331990-07-03231 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,666,667$6,666,667
Andrew AgozzinoCANC/LW321991-01-03187 Lbs5 ft103Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Andrew MangiapaneCANC/LW/RW271996-04-04184 Lbs5 ft1019No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Axel Jonsson-FjallbySWELW/RW251998-02-10194 Lbs6 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,528,000$2,528,000
Blake ColemanUSAC/LW/RW311991-11-28200 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000
Brandon HagelCANLW/RW251998-08-27174 Lbs5 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Brayden PachalCAND241999-08-23204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,490,000$2,490,000
Brendan SmithCAND341989-02-08195 Lbs6 ft212Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Calvin de HaanCAND321991-05-09195 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Carl GrundstromSWELW/RW251997-12-01201 Lbs6 ft08No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Chad JohnsonCANG371986-06-10198 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Christian FischerUSAC/LW/RW261997-04-15214 Lbs6 ft210No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Cody GlassCANC/RW241999-04-01192 Lbs6 ft236No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Colin MillerCAND301992-10-29196 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Dante FabbroCAND251998-06-20189 Lbs6 ft08No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Domenick FensoreUSAD222001-09-07150 Lbs5 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Jack QuinnCANLW/RW222001-09-19185 Lbs6 ft08No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Jacob MarkstromSWEG331990-01-31207 Lbs6 ft60Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,400,000
Jacob PaquetteCAND241999-05-26200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jakub LaukoCZEC/LW/RW232000-03-28169 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,007,000$1,007,000
Jesse YlonenFINLW/RW231999-10-03190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Joakim NordstromSWEC/LW311992-02-25194 Lbs6 ft117Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Joey LaleggiaCAND311992-06-24182 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Joseph WollUSAG251998-07-12203 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,294,000$2,294,000
Justin BarronCAND212001-11-15201 Lbs6 ft25No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Kole SherwoodUSAC/RW261997-01-22212 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,492,000$2,492,000
Martin FehervarySVKD231999-10-06199 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Mats ZuccarelloNORLW/RW361987-09-01184 Lbs5 ft80Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Matt NietoUSALW/RW301992-11-05190 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Michael RasmussenCANC/LW/RW241999-04-17221 Lbs6 ft650No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Nico DawsDEUG222000-12-22205 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Nolan FooteUSALW222000-11-29196 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Peyton KrebsCANC/LW222001-01-26187 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Philippe DesrosiersCANG281995-08-16196 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Phillip Di GiuseppeCANLW/RW291993-10-09192 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Rem PitlickCANC/LW/RW261997-04-02196 Lbs5 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,560,000$3,560,000
Robert ThomasCANC/RW241999-07-02188 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Ryan DzingelUSAC/LW/RW311992-03-09190 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Ryan MurrayCAND301993-09-27205 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,500,000
Scott ReedyUSAC241999-04-04205 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Shane PintoUSAC222000-11-12192 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Slater KoekkoekCAND291994-02-18194 Lbs6 ft239Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,100,000$2,100,000
Tyler ToffoliCANLW/RW311992-04-24197 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Victor MeteCAND251998-06-07183 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,045,000$2,045,000
Vladislav GavrikovRUSD271995-11-21213 Lbs6 ft121No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Zach PariseUSALW/RW391984-07-28193 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,538,461$7,538,461
Zachary JonesUSAD222000-10-18185 Lbs5 ft1115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,1195 Lbs6 ft 11,90 years$2,438,982 4800

Blue Jackets

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex Barre-BouletCANC/LW/RW261997-05-21181 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alexander NylanderSWELW/RW251998-03-02192 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,990,000
Austin WatsonUSALW311992-01-13204 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$3,000,000
Blake SpeersCANC/RW261997-01-02185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brayden PointCANC271996-03-13166 Lbs5 ft106No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000
Brett SutterCANC361987-06-02200 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Bryan RustUSALW/RW311992-05-11192 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Chad KrysUSAD251998-04-10185 Lbs5 ft1143Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Charlie McAvoyUSAD251997-12-21208 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,750,000
Cole FonstadCANC/LW232000-04-24165 Lbs5 ft103No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Collin DeliaUSAG291994-06-20209 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Conner BleackleyCANC271996-02-07192 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
David GustUSARW291994-02-21177 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Denis GurianovRUSLW/RW261997-06-07195 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Derek RyanUSAC/RW361986-12-29185 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Dillon HeatheringtonCAND281995-05-09225 Lbs6 ft413No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Dmitri SamorukovRUSD241999-06-16188 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Esa LindellFIND291994-05-23215 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,800,000$5,800,000
Evgeny KuznetsovRUSC/RW311992-05-19204 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,800,000$7,800,000
Gustav OlofssonSWELW/RW/D281994-12-01196 Lbs5 ft1129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Jack CampbellUSAG311992-01-09198 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,200,000$2,200,000$2,200,000
Jack RoslovicUSAC/RW261997-01-29187 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000$875,000
Joel HanleyCAND321991-06-08190 Lbs5 ft115Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
John GibsonUSAG301993-07-14207 Lbs6 ft20Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000
Josh NorrisUSAC241999-05-05201 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000
Kyle OkposoUSALW/RW351988-04-16219 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Logan ShawCANC/RW301992-10-05208 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Logan StanleyCAND251998-05-26231 Lbs6 ft731Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Luca SbisaITAD331990-01-30209 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Mason McDonaldCANG271996-04-23201 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matt BartkowskiUSAD351988-06-04198 Lbs6 ft129Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Matthew KierstedUSAD251998-04-14181 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Michael GrabnerAUTLW/RW351987-10-05188 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$5,250,000
Miska KukkonenFIND232000-06-19199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nick PerbixUSAD251998-06-15192 Lbs6 ft28Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Noah JuulsenCAND261997-04-02193 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Otto KivenmakiFINC232000-03-24137 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Parker WotherspoonCAND261997-08-24190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ryan McDonaghUSAD341989-06-13215 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Sebastian RepoFINRW271996-06-23211 Lbs6 ft32No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Sheldon RempalCANRW281995-08-07165 Lbs5 ft109No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000
Stefan MatteauUSAC/LW291994-02-23220 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Tanner KaspickCANC251998-01-28200 Lbs6 ft011No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Vitek VanecekCZEG271996-01-09184 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
William BittenCANRW251998-07-10167 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4528,2195 Lbs6 ft 11,73 years$2,245,333 4140


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexander KerfootCANC/LW291994-08-11175 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,900,000
Andrej SekeraSVKD371986-06-08200 Lbs6 ft09Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000
Andrew ShawCANC/RW321991-07-20182 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,700,000
Anton KhudobinRUSG371986-05-07201 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Barrett HaytonCANC/LW232000-06-09190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Brady SkjeiUSAD291994-03-26214 Lbs6 ft32Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,250,000
Brendan LeipsicCANC/LW291994-05-19182 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Brock NelsonUSAC/LW311991-10-15212 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Carey PriceCANG361987-08-16217 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000
Chris WagnerUSAC/RW321991-05-27198 Lbs6 ft030Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Connor CliftonUSAD281995-04-28175 Lbs5 ft1116No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Craig SmithUSARW341989-09-05208 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Dale WeiseCANRW351988-08-05206 Lbs6 ft225Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
David BackesUSAC/RW391984-05-01215 Lbs6 ft33Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$980,000
David KampfCZEC/RW281995-01-12188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Dion PhaneufCAND381985-04-10222 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Drake RymshaUSAC251998-08-06187 Lbs6 ft06No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Erik GudbransonCAND311992-01-07217 Lbs6 ft50Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000
Filip AhlSWELW261997-06-12211 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Igor LarionovRUSC251998-08-24170 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000$1,850,000
Jack DuganUSALW/RW251998-03-24185 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jakub VranaCZELW/RW271996-02-28197 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Jason DemersCAND351988-06-09195 Lbs6 ft116Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jordan NolanCANC/RW341989-06-23219 Lbs6 ft319Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Justus AnnunenFING232000-03-11210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Kevin LabancUSALW/RW271995-12-12185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Korbinian HolzerDEUD351988-02-16218 Lbs6 ft312Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Kyle TurrisCANC341989-08-14190 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Marcus PetterssonSWED271996-05-08177 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$995,000$995,000
Mark BarberioCAND331990-03-23207 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mark BorowieckiCAND341989-07-12207 Lbs6 ft113Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Nathan WalkerGBRLW291994-02-07186 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$995,000$995,000
Oliver Ekman-LarssonSWED321991-07-17200 Lbs6 ft20Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,250,000$8,250,000$8,250,000$8,250,000
Ondrej KaseCZELW/RW271995-11-08186 Lbs5 ft1111No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Pavel FrancouzCZEG331990-06-03180 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Peter HollandCANC/RW321991-01-14193 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Petr MrazekCZEG311992-02-14190 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,900,000
Sami VatanenFIND321991-06-03185 Lbs5 ft106Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Scott HarringtonCAND301993-03-10207 Lbs6 ft215Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Sergei GoncharukRUSLW/RW241999-07-13157 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Stefan NoesenUSARW301993-02-12205 Lbs6 ft114Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Tanner KeroUSAC311992-07-24185 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000
Tomas JurcoSVKLW/RW301992-12-28188 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,000$910,000$910,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4330,7196 Lbs6 ft 11,81 years$2,519,302 4300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam BoqvistSWED232000-08-15179 Lbs5 ft1138No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Adam HelewkaCANC/LW281995-07-21200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Arthur KaliyevUSALW/RW222001-06-26209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Bowen ByramCAND222001-06-13190 Lbs6 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Brandon TanevCANLW/RW/D311991-12-31180 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Carter HuttonCANG371985-12-19203 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Chris WidemanUSAD331990-01-07183 Lbs5 ft1024Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Christian KrygierUSAD232000-05-05192 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor HobbsCAND261997-01-04197 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
David KrejciCZEC371986-04-28188 Lbs6 ft014Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,400,000
Derek ForbortUSAD311992-03-04219 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,750,000
Dillon DubeCANC/LW251998-07-20187 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Dylan CozensCANC222001-02-09189 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Dylan LarkinUSAC/LW271996-07-30198 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,600,000$8,600,000$8,600,000$8,600,000$8,600,000
Ilya SamsonovRUSG261997-02-22209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro OnlyNo$3,600,000
Isaiah SavilleUSAG232000-09-21193 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jakub VoracekCZELW/RW341989-08-15214 Lbs6 ft211Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,250,000
JJ MoserCHED232000-06-06173 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Joachim BlichfeldDENLW/RW251998-07-17180 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,900,000$1,900,000
Jonathan ToewsCANC351988-04-29201 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Kassim GaudetCANLW192004-03-22181 Lbs6 ft06No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Kevin LankinenFING281995-04-28185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Kirill MarchenkoRUSLW/RW232000-07-21187 Lbs6 ft39Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Landon BowCANG281995-08-24212 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Lars EllerDNKC341989-05-08207 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Lauri PajuniemiFINRW241999-09-12196 Lbs6 ft03No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Mackenzie MacEachernUSALW/RW291994-03-09190 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Markus NurmiFINLW/RW251998-06-29205 Lbs6 ft59No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Martin PospisilSVKC231999-11-19173 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Max DomiCANC/LW281995-03-02193 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Mike HoffmanCANC/LW/RW331989-11-24180 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,400,000
Mikhail VorobyovRUSC261997-01-05207 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Mitchell FossierUSALW261996-12-21187 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,320,000
Nick BjugstadUSAC/RW311992-07-17215 Lbs6 ft610Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$2,900,000
Nicolas BeaudinCAND231999-10-07174 Lbs5 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Nikolai KnyzhovRUSD251998-03-20218 Lbs6 ft354No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Olli JuoleviFIND251998-05-05182 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Patrik VirtaFINC/RW271996-03-06181 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Pier-Olivier RoyCAND192004-03-05170 Lbs5 ft118No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Radko GudasCZED331990-06-05204 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Robbie StuckerUSAD251998-09-30178 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Ryan PulockCAND281994-10-06217 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Slava VoynovRUSD331990-01-15201 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tanner LaczynskiUSAC261997-06-01190 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Tobias BjornfotSWED222001-04-06201 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Torey KrugUSALW/D321991-04-12186 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,225,000
Vitali KravstovRUSRW231999-12-23193 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4727,0194 Lbs6 ft 11,60 years$2,583,404 4520


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex BiegaCAND351988-04-04199 Lbs5 ft102Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$755,000$755,000
Alexandre CarrierCAND261996-10-08174 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$980,000$980,000
Arnaud DurandeauCANLW241999-01-14175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000
Boone JennerCANC/LW301993-06-15206 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,550,000$2,550,000$2,550,000
Brady TkachukUSAC/LW241999-09-16196 Lbs6 ft33No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Brandan DuhaimeUSARW261997-05-22203 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brayden McNabbCAND321991-01-21212 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Brett HowdenCANC/LW251998-03-29197 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,900,000$3,900,000
Cam AtkinsonUSALW/RW341989-06-05179 Lbs5 ft80Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,875,000$5,875,000
Carter VerhaegheCANC281995-08-14190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000
Colin WilsonUSAC/LW331989-10-20221 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$920,000$920,000
Dominik MasinCZED271996-02-01198 Lbs6 ft314No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Erik FoleyUSALW261997-06-30185 Lbs6 ft016No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Gustav LindstromSWED241998-10-20190 Lbs6 ft222No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Henri JokiharjuFIND241999-06-17193 Lbs6 ft022No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jack LafontaineCANG251998-01-06206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jakob SilfverbergSWELW/RW321990-10-13204 Lbs6 ft136Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,250,000
Jaret Anderson-DolanCANC241999-09-12200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jonathan AngCANC251998-01-31165 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Josh AndersonCANLW/RW291994-05-07222 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,100,000$5,100,000
Justin BraunUSAD361987-02-10205 Lbs6 ft299Yes3 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,457,500$1,457,500$1,457,500
Kris LetangCAND361987-04-24201 Lbs6 ft069Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,250,000
Logan ThompsonCANG261997-02-25179 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Mark ScheifeleCANC301993-03-15207 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,125,000
Matt MurrayCANG291994-05-25179 Lbs6 ft40Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000
Mitchell MillerUSAD212001-12-20190 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Nate ThompsonUSAC381984-10-05207 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,001,001
Nic HagueCAND241998-12-05215 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Nicolas MattinenCAND251998-03-05215 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Nikola PasicSWERW222000-10-16187 Lbs5 ft103No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Oliver BjorkstrandDNKLW/RW281995-04-10177 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Patrick KaneUSARW341988-11-19177 Lbs5 ft100Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Paul BittnerUSAC/LW261996-11-04214 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$960,000$960,000
Peter DiliberatoreCAND232000-03-31160 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Philipp GrubauerDEUG311991-11-25192 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Pierre-Olivier JosephCAND241999-07-01161 Lbs6 ft233No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$985,000$985,000
Riley SutterCANRW231999-10-05204 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Roope HintzFINC/LW261996-11-17215 Lbs6 ft387No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Ryan HartmanUSALW/RW291994-09-20181 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Samuel HlavajSVKG222001-05-29218 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Steven LorentzCANC/LW271996-04-13206 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Thomas ChabotCAND261997-01-30196 Lbs6 ft25No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Travis BarronCANLW241998-11-17205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Travis SanheimCAND271996-03-29181 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000
Trevor LewisUSAC/LW/RW361987-01-08202 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Ville KoivunenFINC/LW/RW202003-06-13172 Lbs6 ft031No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Vincent DesharnaisCAND271996-05-29215 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4727,5195 Lbs6 ft 11,89 years$2,487,415 4700


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam RuzickaSVKC241999-05-11220 Lbs6 ft42No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Akira SchmidCHEG232000-05-12205 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex TuchUSAC/LW/RW271996-05-10222 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Andre BurakovskySWELW/RW281995-02-09201 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Anthony DuclairCANLW/RW281995-08-26198 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Arseni GritsyukRUSLW/RW222001-03-15192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Artem ZubRUSD271995-10-03203 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Brandon DubinskyUSAC/LW371986-04-29205 Lbs6 ft22Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Cale MakarCAND241998-10-30187 Lbs5 ft110No8 yearsPro OnlyNo$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Cam FowlerUSAD311991-12-05206 Lbs6 ft221Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Colin BlackwellUSAC301993-03-28190 Lbs5 ft97Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Connor HellebuyckUSAG301993-05-19207 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,166,666
Connor MackeyUSAD271996-09-12190 Lbs6 ft251No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Conor GarlandUSALW/RW271996-03-11165 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$992,500
Curtis LazarCANC/LW/RW281995-02-02205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Damon SeversonCAND291994-08-07205 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Dawson DavidsonCAND251998-04-07181 Lbs5 ft1110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Dennis GilbertUSAD261996-11-30216 Lbs6 ft25No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Devon ToewsCAND291994-02-21191 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Elias PetterssonSWEC241998-11-12176 Lbs6 ft20No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000
Eric ComrieCANG281995-07-06179 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Haydn FleuryCAND271996-07-08208 Lbs6 ft318No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$995,000$995,000$995,000
Ivan ProvorovRUSD261997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Jake SandersonUSAD212002-07-08185 Lbs6 ft26No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jeff CarterCANC/LW/RW381985-01-01219 Lbs6 ft324Yes2 yearsPro OnlyNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Joel KivirantaFINLW/RW271996-03-23180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Joseph DuszakUSAD261997-07-22176 Lbs5 ft92No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Justin BergeronCAND232000-09-14190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kirill KaprizovRUSLW/RW261997-04-26201 Lbs5 ft98No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Loui ErikssonSWEC/LW/RW381985-07-17179 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Luke ToporowskiUSALW222001-04-12183 Lbs5 ft1112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Michael AmadioCANC/RW271996-05-13204 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Mike RobinsonUSAG261997-03-27195 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Mitch HultsUSAC281994-11-13210 Lbs6 ft215No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Nic DowdUSAC/RW331990-05-27197 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Nick BlankenburgUSAD251998-05-12175 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Noah CatesUSAC/LW241999-02-05165 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Oliver TarnstromSWEC/LW212002-08-30159 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Otto KoivulaFINC/LW251998-09-01219 Lbs6 ft420No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Patrik BerglundSWEC/LW/RW351988-06-02215 Lbs6 ft480Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,875,000$1,875,000
Philip TomasinoCANC/LW/RW222001-07-28179 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Reid BoucherUSAC/LW301993-09-08195 Lbs5 ft1013Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Ryan LindgrenUSAD251998-02-11201 Lbs6 ft03No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Ryan McAllisterCANC212001-12-19183 Lbs5 ft107No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,650,000$1,650,000$1,650,000
Sebastian WalfridssonSWED241999-03-19203 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Taro HiroseCANLW271996-06-30162 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Tomas VomackaCZEG241999-05-02165 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Travis DermottCAND261996-12-22204 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Ty DellandreaCANC/RW232000-07-21195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Tyler JohnsonUSAC/LW/RW331990-07-29183 Lbs5 ft80Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5026,9194 Lbs6 ft 11,94 years$2,197,583 4640


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aapeli RasanenFINC251998-06-01207 Lbs6 ft015Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Adam GaudetteUSAC261996-10-03170 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Adin HillCANG271996-05-11205 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Alex KillornCANLW/RW341989-09-14196 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Anatoli GolyshevRUSRW281995-02-14190 Lbs5 ft915Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Andrei KuzmenkoRUSLW271996-02-04194 Lbs5 ft1135Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
Andrey PedanLTUD301993-07-03213 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Antoine MorandCANC241999-02-18184 Lbs5 ft1134No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Antti SuomelaFINC291994-03-17180 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brett PesceUSAD281994-11-15206 Lbs6 ft36No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,025,000
Brock BoeserUSARW261997-02-25208 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
David QuennevilleCAND251998-03-13190 Lbs5 ft825Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$776,000
Dylan StromeCANC/LW/RW261997-03-07200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,150,000
Filip HallanderSWEC/LW232000-06-29196 Lbs6 ft170No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Gabriel VilardiCANC/RW241999-08-16201 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Gerald MayhewUSAC/RW301992-12-31170 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Greg CareyCANLW331990-04-05204 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Henrik BorgstromFINC261997-08-06190 Lbs6 ft39No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ivan FedotovRUSG261996-11-28203 Lbs6 ft80No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jaden SchwartzCANC/LW311992-06-25190 Lbs5 ft100Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,375,000$6,375,000$6,375,000
Jakob StenqvistSWED251998-03-17179 Lbs6 ft246Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,503,000
James ReimerCANG351988-03-15220 Lbs6 ft20Yes5 yearsPro OnlyNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jeremy LauzonCAND261997-04-28204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Joe HickettsCAND271996-05-04180 Lbs5 ft811No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
John KlingbergSWED311992-08-14180 Lbs6 ft24Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jonathan BernierCANG351988-08-07186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Kieffer BellowsUSALW251998-06-10195 Lbs6 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Lawrence PilutSWED271995-12-30180 Lbs5 ft1126No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Linus ObergSWERW232000-07-18205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Louis DomingueCANG311992-03-06212 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Marat KhairullinRUSC/RW271996-05-15185 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Maros JedlickaSVKLW/RW202002-10-23181 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Mikhail MaltsevRUSC/LW251998-03-12198 Lbs6 ft335No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Milos RomanSVKC231999-11-06192 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Mitchell ChaffeeUSARW251998-01-26201 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Nicolas RoyCANC/RW261997-02-05205 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Oscar KlefbomSWED301993-07-20216 Lbs6 ft36Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,350,000$3,350,000$3,350,000
Pavel KousalCZELW/RW241998-11-14194 Lbs6 ft031Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$776,000
Peetro Seppala FIND232000-08-17192 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Petter HanssonSWED271996-05-16196 Lbs6 ft216Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Reilly WalshUSAD241999-04-21185 Lbs6 ft012No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Rickard HuggSWEC241999-01-18183 Lbs5 ft1029No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ryan DonatoUSAC/LW/RW271996-04-09193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Timo MeierCHELW/RW261996-10-08210 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
TJ BrodieCAND331990-06-07185 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Tye FelhaberCANLW251998-08-05180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Tyler LewingtonCAND281994-12-05202 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000
Valtteri PuustinenFINLW/RW241999-06-04183 Lbs5 ft955No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,0194 Lbs6 ft 11,73 years$2,117,292 4710


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex OvechkinRUSLW381985-09-17235 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro OnlyNo$5,000,000
Andreas BorgmanSWED281995-06-18199 Lbs6 ft037No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ben HarpurCAND281995-01-12222 Lbs6 ft629No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,222,000$2,222,000
Ben McCartneyCANLW222001-06-13182 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro OnlyNo$750,000$750,000
Benjamin ZlotyCAND212002-02-24187 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Blake LizotteUSAC/LW/RW251997-12-13179 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,650,000$2,650,000
Brandon SaadUSALW/RW301992-10-27206 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Brendan PerliniGBRLW/RW271996-04-27211 Lbs6 ft36No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,975,000
Brian FlynnUSAC/LW/RW351988-07-26183 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,333,750
Carson MeyerUSARW261997-08-18183 Lbs5 ft114Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Cole GuttmanUSAC241999-04-06168 Lbs5 ft912No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Cole PerfettiCANC/LW212002-01-01185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,350,000$3,350,000
Connor BedardCANC182005-07-17185 Lbs5 ft104No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Conor TimminsCAND251998-09-18205 Lbs6 ft214Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Dakota JoshuaUSAC271996-05-15205 Lbs6 ft339Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Daniel BakerCAND222001-05-15183 Lbs6 ft475No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
David CottonUSAC261997-07-09200 Lbs6 ft210No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Eamon McAdamUSAG291994-09-24203 Lbs6 ft00Yes4 yearsFarm OnlyNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Edward PasqualeCANG321990-11-20218 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,150,000$2,150,000
Greg PaterynUSAD331990-06-20223 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Hampus LindholmSWED291994-01-20211 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000
Jack DruryUSAC232000-02-03174 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jack Van De LeestCAND222001-06-15229 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jeremy SwaymanUSAG241998-11-24187 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,333,333$4,333,333$4,333,333
John HaydenUSALW/RW281995-02-14223 Lbs6 ft39No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,975,000$2,975,000$2,975,000$2,975,000
Jonah GadjovichCANLW241998-10-12209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
JT MillerUSAC/LW/RW301993-03-14218 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Justin AbdelkaderUSALW/RW/D361987-02-25214 Lbs6 ft221Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Kasimir KaskisuoFING291993-10-02197 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Kyle CrnkovicCANLW212002-02-10165 Lbs5 ft77No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Marc-Edouard VlasicCAND361987-03-30205 Lbs6 ft115Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Matthew RobertsonCAND222001-03-09201 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Micheal FerlandCANLW/RW311992-04-20217 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Mikkel BoedkerDNKLW/RW331989-12-16210 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Miles WoodUSALW281995-09-13195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,795,000$1,795,000$1,795,000
Noel AcciariUSAC/RW311991-12-01205 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,350,000$2,350,000
Rasmus AnderssonSWED261996-10-27214 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Ryan GravesCAND281995-05-21226 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Ryan JohansenCANC311992-07-31218 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
Ryan KeslerUSAC391984-08-31206 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Saku MaenalanenFINC/LW291994-05-29207 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tanner PearsonCANLW311992-08-10201 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Thomas GreissDEUG371986-01-29232 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,751,488$2,751,488
Tyson BarrieCAND321991-07-26190 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,225,000
Vladislav NamestnikovRUSC/LW/RW301992-11-22184 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,700,000
Zack KassianCANRW321991-01-24211 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,875,000$1,875,000$1,875,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4628,2202 Lbs6 ft 11,98 years$2,421,969 4222


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ErneUSALW281995-04-20214 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Adrian KempeSWEC/LW/RW271996-09-13201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Aidan DudasCANLW232000-06-15170 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Aleksi SaarelaFINC/LW261997-01-07200 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Alex GoligoskiUSAD381985-07-30185 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro OnlyYes$850,000$850,000
Austen SwanklerUSAC222001-08-21185 Lbs6 ft07Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Brendan GallagherCANRW311992-05-06184 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,300,000$5,300,000
Brett StapleyCANC241999-02-23196 Lbs5 ft116No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Calle ClangSWEG212002-05-20194 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Casey MittelstadtUSAC241998-11-22202 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Chris NellUSAG291994-09-02180 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Christian DjoosSWED291994-08-06169 Lbs6 ft013Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
David TomasekCZEC/RW271996-02-10187 Lbs6 ft214No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Drake BathersonUSAC/RW251998-04-27187 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$2,675,000$2,675,000
Dylan GuentherCANLW/RW202003-04-10174 Lbs6 ft24No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Erik BrannstromSWED241999-09-02181 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Erik KarlssonSWED331990-05-31190 Lbs6 ft019Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000
Filip HronekCZED251997-11-02170 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Graham SwardCAND202003-09-12185 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Gustav ForslingSWED271996-06-12186 Lbs6 ft061No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Hunter McKownUSAC212002-08-18205 Lbs6 ft127No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Jacob BengtssonSWED241999-05-08203 Lbs6 ft315No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Jake DotchinCAND291994-03-24210 Lbs6 ft370Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Jason DickinsonCANC/LW281995-07-04200 Lbs6 ft220No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jeff PetryUSAD351987-12-09197 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jeremy HelvigCANG261997-05-25192 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jesper BrattSWELW/RW251998-07-30175 Lbs5 ft100No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Jesperi KotkaniemiFINC/LW232000-07-06184 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Joonas OdenFINLW/RW232000-02-17183 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jordan KyrouCANC/RW251998-05-05175 Lbs6 ft039No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Josh ArchibaldCANRW301992-10-06176 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Kaapo KakkoFINRW222001-02-13190 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Kailer YamamotoUSALW/RW251998-09-29153 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,600,000
Lucas JohansenCAND251997-11-16182 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Madison BoweyCAND281995-04-22198 Lbs6 ft217No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000$1,775,000
Marek HeclSVKRW251997-12-30168 Lbs5 ft911No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Matt BrownUSALW241999-08-09190 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Michael McLeodCANC/RW251998-02-03188 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Ryan FrancisCANRW212001-12-02170 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ryan MacInnisUSAC271996-02-14185 Lbs5 ft913No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Sam BennettCANC/LW271996-06-20195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Sean DayBELD251998-01-09218 Lbs6 ft38No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Sergei BobrovskyRUSG351988-09-20183 Lbs6 ft20Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Tyler ParsonsUSAG261997-09-18186 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Urho VaakanainenFIND241999-01-01185 Lbs6 ft19No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Valeri OrekhovKAZD241999-07-17196 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Victor RaskSWEC/LW/RW301993-03-01200 Lbs6 ft213Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000
Vladimir TkachevRUSLW271995-10-05170 Lbs5 ft1095No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
William EklundSWEC/LW202002-10-12181 Lbs5 ft1059No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Zachary UensCAND222001-05-13180 Lbs6 ft114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5025,9187 Lbs6 ft 02,24 years$2,124,500 4820


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ClendeningUSAD301992-10-26196 Lbs6 ft032Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alec RegulaUSAD232000-08-06208 Lbs6 ft421No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Arber XhekajCAND222001-01-30238 Lbs6 ft416No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brad MarchandCANC/LW351988-05-11181 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,125,000$6,125,000
Brett KulakCAND291994-01-06187 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000
Byron FroeseCANC/RW321991-03-12202 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Cameron LeeCAND261997-02-18190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Colton WhiteCAND261997-05-03188 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Daniil MiromanovRUSRW/D261997-07-11200 Lbs6 ft413No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Darren HelmCANC/LW/RW361987-01-21196 Lbs6 ft02Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,700,000
Dominic ToninatoUSAC/LW/RW291994-03-09200 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Dylan SambergUSAD241999-01-24219 Lbs6 ft411No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Egor SokolovRUSLW/RW232000-06-07222 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Gilles SennCHEG271996-03-01191 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,333,333$2,333,333
Igor ShestyorkinRUSG271995-11-30182 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro OnlyNo$4,400,000
Jack AhcanUSAD261997-05-18185 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jack RathboneUSAD241999-05-20177 Lbs5 ft1013No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Joe VelenoCANC/LW/RW232000-01-13194 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Joel ArmiaFINLW/RW301993-05-31210 Lbs6 ft40Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,900,000$3,900,000
Joel BlomqvistFING212002-01-10183 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Jordan SubbanCAND281995-03-03178 Lbs5 ft912No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Juuso ParssinenFINC/LW/RW222001-02-01212 Lbs6 ft37No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Lane PedersonCANC/RW261997-08-04190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Linus KarlssonSWEC/RW231999-11-16179 Lbs6 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Mathieu JosephCANLW/RW261997-02-09190 Lbs6 ft111No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Mathieu PerreaultCANC/LW/RW351988-01-05188 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Matthew TkachukUSALW/RW251997-12-11202 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000
Mattias SamuelssonUSAD232000-03-14226 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Nathan MacKinnonCANC/RW281995-09-01205 Lbs6 ft00No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000
Nick JensenUSAD331990-09-21194 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Nils AmanSWEC232000-02-07179 Lbs6 ft212No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Patrick KhodorenkoUSAC241998-10-13201 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Patrick MaroonUSALW/RW351988-04-23225 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Pavel BuchnevichRUSC/LW/RW281995-04-17196 Lbs6 ft313No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Phillip DanaultCANC301993-02-24201 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000
Rasmus RistolainenFIND281994-10-27220 Lbs6 ft416No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Rodion AmirovRUSLW/RW212001-10-02168 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Ryan LohinUSAC/LW/RW271996-06-26192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Ryan PoehlingUSAC/LW241999-01-03196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Shea WeberCAND381985-08-14229 Lbs6 ft420Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,857,143$7,857,143$7,857,143
Thomas NovakUSAC/LW/RW261997-04-28179 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Tom WilsonCANRW291994-03-29218 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,166,666
Travis ZajacCANC381985-05-13185 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Valeri NichushkinRUSLW/RW281995-03-04210 Lbs6 ft413No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Vincent IorioCAND202002-11-14201 Lbs6 ft49No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Vinni LettieriUSAC/RW281995-02-06191 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Yaniv PeretsCANG232000-03-04181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Zachary FucaleCANG281995-05-28187 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,2197 Lbs6 ft 12,25 years$2,296,503 4710


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LowryUSAC301993-03-29210 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro OnlyYes$3,900,000
Adrian HolesinskySVKC/RW271996-02-11190 Lbs6 ft05Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Alexander RadulovRUSRW371986-07-05205 Lbs6 ft11Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,600,000
Austin StrandCAND261997-02-17216 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Braden HoltbyCANG341989-09-16211 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,575,000
Brent SeabrookCAND381985-04-20220 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Brian GibbonsUSAC/LW/RW351988-02-26175 Lbs5 ft80Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Callum BoothCANG261997-05-21187 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Cam YorkUSAD222001-01-05174 Lbs5 ft1175No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Cole FraserCAND241999-08-23195 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Colton SceviourCANC/LW341989-04-20192 Lbs6 ft02Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Connor IngramCANG261997-03-31198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Daniil PylenkovRUSD232000-09-26194 Lbs6 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Darnell NurseCAND281995-02-04221 Lbs6 ft40Yes8 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Dawson BarteauxCAND232000-01-12190 Lbs6 ft131No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Denis AlexeyevRUSC251997-10-01190 Lbs5 ft1119Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Dmytro TimashovSWELW261996-10-01195 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Eetu MakiniemiFING241999-04-19184 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Frederik GauthierCANC281995-04-26235 Lbs6 ft511No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Gabriel GagneCANRW261996-11-11186 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Ian ColeUSAD341989-02-21219 Lbs6 ft122Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Jacob de la RoseSWEC/LW281995-05-20216 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jay BouwmeesterCAND401983-09-27206 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
John MooreUSAD321990-11-19210 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jonas SiegenthalerCHED261997-05-06206 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jujhar KhairaCANC/LW291994-08-13212 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Kaden FulcherCANG251998-09-23184 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kasperi KapanenFINLW/RW271996-07-23192 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,100,000$5,100,000$5,100,000$5,100,000
Kevin RooneyUSAC/LW/RW/D301993-05-21190 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,489,750
Mason McTavishCANC202003-01-30214 Lbs6 ft04No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Michael Dal ColleCANLW/RW271996-06-20204 Lbs6 ft336No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Nicolas Aube-KubelCANRW271996-05-10187 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Nikolay KuleminRUSLW/RW371986-07-14228 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,300,000
Paul ByronCANC/LW/RW341989-04-27163 Lbs5 ft965Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
Pierre EngvallSWELW271996-05-31214 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
Riley StillmanCAND251998-03-09196 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Ruslan IskhakovRUSC232000-07-22165 Lbs5 ft815No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Ryan JohnsonUSAD222001-07-24194 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Scott LaughtonCANC/LW291994-05-30190 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Sean MonahanCANC281994-10-12200 Lbs6 ft20Yes6 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Sebastian AhoFINC/LW/RW261997-07-26176 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,454,000
Sergei TeleginRUSD232000-09-21172 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Sven AndrighettoCHERW301993-03-21188 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Taylor WardCANRW251998-03-31207 Lbs6 ft25Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Teuvo TeravainenFINLW/RW291994-09-11191 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,400,000
Theo RochetteCHEC212002-02-20161 Lbs5 ft1038No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Tim SchallerUSAC/LW321990-11-16204 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4728,0197 Lbs6 ft 11,85 years$2,360,505 4610


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron EkbladCAND271996-02-07220 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Adam CracknellCANC/LW/RW381985-07-15209 Lbs6 ft31Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Alexander YakovenkoKAZD251998-02-22176 Lbs5 ft117Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,650,000
Alexis LafreniereCANLW/RW212001-10-11186 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Andrei MironovRUSD291994-07-29194 Lbs6 ft39No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Andy WelinskiUSAD301993-04-27201 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Angus CrookshankCANLW231999-10-02181 Lbs5 ft109No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Anthony ManthaCANLW/RW291994-09-16234 Lbs6 ft50Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Ben ChiarotCAND321991-05-09219 Lbs6 ft312Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Brady BurnsCANC/LW212002-05-27159 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$960,000$960,000
Brandon ManningCAND331990-06-04205 Lbs6 ft182Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000
Calle JarnkrokSWEC/RW321991-09-25186 Lbs5 ft110Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000
Calvin ThurkaufCHEC261997-06-27212 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Cedric PaquetteCANC/RW301993-08-13204 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Dominik KubalikCZELW/RW281995-08-21179 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Dougie HamiltonCAND301993-06-17229 Lbs6 ft60Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Emil JohanssonSWED271996-05-06189 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Eric FlorchukCANC/LW232000-01-10179 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Fabian ZetterlundSWELW241999-08-25220 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Filip ChytilCZEC241999-09-05208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Filip KralCZED231999-10-20198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ilya SorokinRUSG281995-08-04190 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Janne KuokkanenFINC/LW251998-05-25193 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Joel EdmundsonCAND301993-06-28215 Lbs6 ft416Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$7,000,000
Jonne TammelaFINLW/RW261997-08-05187 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jordan BinningtonCANG301993-07-11176 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,400,000$5,400,000
Juuse SarosFING281995-04-19182 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Liam FoudyCANC/LW/RW232000-02-04193 Lbs6 ft214No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Louie BelpedioUSAD271996-05-14196 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Lukas RousekCZELW/RW241999-04-20192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Mason ShawCANC/LW241998-11-03184 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Michael KesselringUSAD232000-01-13190 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Mike ReillyUSAD301993-07-13195 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Milan KloucekCZEG251998-04-30198 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Mitchell GibsonUSAG241999-06-25187 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nick CousinsCANC301993-07-20185 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Nikita JevpalovsLATRW291994-09-09210 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nikolay GoldobinRUSLW/RW271995-10-07196 Lbs5 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Ondrej PalatCZELW/RW321991-03-28188 Lbs6 ft03Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,300,000$5,300,000$5,300,000
Quinton ByfieldCANC/LW212002-08-19214 Lbs6 ft414No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,464,000$2,464,000
Rodrigo AbolsLATC271996-01-05205 Lbs6 ft40Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Sergey ZborovskiyRUSD261997-02-21209 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tim StutzleDEUC/LW212002-01-15187 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Tomas TatarSVKLW/RW321990-12-01182 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,000,000
Yannick WeberCHED351988-09-23200 Lbs5 ft115Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527,2196 Lbs6 ft 11,51 years$2,282,200 4320

Golden Knights

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex PietrangeloCAND331990-01-18210 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Alex SteevesUSAC/LW/RW231999-12-10185 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000
Alexander AlexeyevRUSD231999-11-15213 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Anton StralmanSWED371986-08-01190 Lbs5 ft1115Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000
Arshdeep BainsCANLW222001-01-09183 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000$1,300,000
Artur AkhtyamovRUSG212001-10-31167 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Ben MeyersUSAC241998-11-15194 Lbs5 ft1121Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brad RichardsonCANC/RW381985-02-04190 Lbs6 ft08Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brett LeasonCANRW241999-05-30218 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Charlie CoyleUSAC/RW311992-03-02220 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,175,000
Christian JarosSVKD271996-04-02201 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,490,000$1,490,000$1,490,000
Clay HanusUSAD222001-03-25175 Lbs5 ft102Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Colton PointCANG251998-03-04238 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$990,000
Corey PerryCANRW381985-05-16206 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro OnlyYes$800,000
Dan RenoufCAND291994-06-01205 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Danil AlalykinRUSC/LW/RW222001-03-27157 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Erik HaulaFINC/LW/RW321991-03-23193 Lbs6 ft06Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,750,000
Ethan BearCAND261997-06-26197 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Gabriel LandeskogSWELW301992-11-23215 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,500,000
Jacob TroubaUSAD291994-02-26202 Lbs6 ft30Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Jaroslav HalakSVKG381985-05-13185 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jason RobertsonUSALW/RW241999-07-22200 Lbs6 ft30No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Jeremy HanzelCAND202003-02-27196 Lbs6 ft145No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Joachym KondelikDEUC231999-12-21232 Lbs6 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jordan StaalCANC/LW351988-09-10220 Lbs6 ft420Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
K'Andre MillerUSAD232000-01-21210 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,150,000$3,150,000
Keith YandleUSAD371986-09-09191 Lbs6 ft10Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Kiefer SherwoodUSAC/LW/RW281995-03-31194 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Logan MorrisonCANC212002-07-09179 Lbs6 ft03No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Mason AppletonUSAC/RW271996-01-15193 Lbs6 ft213No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Matt RoyUSAD281995-03-01200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,230,000
Matthew BoldyUSALW/RW222001-04-05201 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Mikhail BerdinRUSG251998-03-01164 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Mitchell StephensCANC261997-02-05191 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Pierrick DubeFRARW222001-01-07172 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000$1,300,000
Richard PanikSVKLW/RW321991-02-07208 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Sam MileticUSAC/LW261997-05-04197 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Stepan StarkovRUSLW241999-06-18190 Lbs6 ft14No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000$2,200,000
Stephen HallidayCANC212002-07-02214 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Taylor RaddyshCANRW251998-02-18198 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Thomas HickeyCAND341989-02-08183 Lbs6 ft01Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Tom KuhnhacklDEUC/LW/RW311992-01-21196 Lbs6 ft227Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tomas HertlCZEC/LW291993-11-12215 Lbs6 ft20Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000
Topi NiemelaFIND212002-03-24179 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Trent FredericUSAC/LW251998-02-11203 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Troy StecherCAND291994-04-07186 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Tyler SeguinCANC/RW311992-01-31200 Lbs6 ft10Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,850,000$9,850,000$9,850,000$9,850,000
Vyacheslav PeksaRUSG212002-08-27163 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,2196 Lbs6 ft 12,38 years$2,552,292 4530


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam WilsbySWED232000-08-07183 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alexander TrueDNKC/LW261997-07-17200 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,375,000$1,375,000
Alexander YaremchukUKRRW241999-08-22192 Lbs5 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Andrei VasilevskiyRUSG291994-07-25215 Lbs6 ft40Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Anze KopitarSVNC361987-08-24225 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$10,000,000
Artemi PanarinRUSLW311991-10-30168 Lbs5 ft110Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Artur KayumovRUSLW/RW251998-02-14176 Lbs5 ft1114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,900,000
Artyom VolchenkovBLRD222001-05-18179 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Brenden DillonCAND321990-11-13225 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$2,450,000
Chris TierneyCANC291994-07-01195 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Colton ParaykoCAND301993-05-12230 Lbs6 ft60Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Dawson MercerCANC/RW212001-10-27181 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Dennis CholowskiCAND251998-02-15195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Dylan FabreFRALW/RW222000-11-10170 Lbs5 ft103No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Eetu PakkilaFINLW231999-10-03167 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Evgeni MalkinRUSC371986-07-31195 Lbs6 ft328Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,975,000$9,975,000$9,975,000
Frans NielsenDNKC391984-04-24188 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro OnlyYes$800,000
Ian ScottCANG241999-01-11173 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ilya UsovBLRC/LW222001-08-03181 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Inaki BaraganoCHED222001-09-04176 Lbs5 ft106No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Isaak PhillipsCAND222001-09-28194 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ivan ProsvetovRUSG241999-03-05195 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jake LivingstoneCAND241999-04-16205 Lbs6 ft311Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jan JenikCZEC/RW232000-09-15185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Jared McCannCANC/LW271996-05-31185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Jared SpurgeonCAND331989-11-29167 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,800,000$6,800,000
Juuso MaenpaaFINC212002-04-29148 Lbs5 ft727No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Keith KinkaidUSAG341989-07-04196 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro OnlyYes$1,000,000
Kevin LynchUSAC321991-04-23190 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Kyle CriscuoloUSAC311992-05-05180 Lbs5 ft80Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Logan CoutureCANC/LW341989-03-28200 Lbs6 ft10Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Mark StoneCANRW311992-05-13219 Lbs6 ft40Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Matt CalvertCANLW/RW331989-12-24186 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Matthew GalajdaCANG251997-10-07183 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Maxim Shabanov RUSC222000-10-08157 Lbs5 ft821No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Maximilian GlotzlDEUD212002-03-16209 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Mike GreenCAND371985-10-12207 Lbs6 ft18Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Mikko LehtonenFIND291994-01-16196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Miro HeiskanenFIND241999-07-18185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Noah GregorCANC/LW/RW251998-07-28185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Oskar SundqvistSWEC/RW291994-03-23209 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,875,000$1,875,000
Patriks ZabusovsLATLW/RW222001-06-20190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Steven SantiniUSAD281995-03-07205 Lbs6 ft216No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000$2,400,000
Timothy LiljegrenSWED241999-04-30192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Ty RattieCANLW/RW301993-02-05183 Lbs6 ft027Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,550,000$1,550,000
Waltteri Merela FINRW251998-07-06196 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Will BorgenUSAD261996-12-19205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4727,2191 Lbs6 ft 12,09 years$2,697,872 4430


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam KubikCZELW241998-10-21194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Adam LarssonSWED301992-11-12208 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,150,000
Akito HiroseCAND241999-04-09170 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Andrei SvechnikovRUSLW/RW232000-03-26195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,450,000$6,450,000$6,450,000
Blake HillmanUSAD271996-01-26193 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Brandon CarloUSAD261996-11-26212 Lbs6 ft53No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,950,000
Charlie LindgrenUSAG291993-12-18183 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Chase De LeoUSAC271995-10-25179 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Chaz ReddekoppCAND261997-01-01219 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Elvis MerzlikinsLATG291994-04-13185 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Emil PetterssonSWEC291994-01-14164 Lbs6 ft20Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Filip JohanssonSWED232000-03-23176 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Hudson FaschingUSARW281995-07-28204 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Hunter MiskaUSAG281995-07-07179 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ivan MorozovRUSC232000-05-05178 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jake LeschyshynUSAC241999-03-10190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jake VirtanenCANRW271996-08-17226 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jayden HalbgewachsCANLW261997-03-22160 Lbs5 ft832No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Joey AndersonUSARW251998-06-19190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Jonathan HuberdeauCANC/LW301993-06-04200 Lbs6 ft10Yes6 yearsPro OnlyNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Jordan SchmaltzUSAD291993-10-08190 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Josh MorrisseyCAND281995-03-28195 Lbs6 ft027No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Kale ClagueCAND251998-06-05190 Lbs6 ft06No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Mark JankowskiCANC291994-09-13212 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,400,000
Markus GranlundFINC/LW/RW301993-04-16180 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Max SassonUSAC232000-09-05181 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mikhail GrigorenkoRUSC291994-05-16206 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$6,600,000$6,600,000$6,600,000
Morgan FrostCANC241999-05-14170 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Morgan GeekieCANC/RW251998-07-20192 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,700,000$3,700,000$3,700,000$3,700,000
Nathan BastianCANRW251997-12-06205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,625,000
Nick SchmaltzUSAC/LW/RW271996-02-23177 Lbs6 ft011No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,850,000$5,850,000$5,850,000
Noah HanifinUSAD261997-01-25215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,950,000
Radek FaksaCZEC/LW291994-01-09220 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Rinat ValievRUSD281995-05-11215 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Robert MastrosimoneUSAC/LW222001-01-24170 Lbs5 ft1011No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Sam MalinskiUSAD251998-07-27190 Lbs5 ft1111Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Sean CouturierCANC301992-12-07211 Lbs6 ft30Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Sebastian AhoSWED271996-02-17177 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Spencer SmallmanCANRW271996-09-09198 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Spencer StastneyUSAD232000-01-04183 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Strauss MannUSAG251998-08-18175 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Thatcher DemkoUSAG271995-12-08195 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Zemgus GirgensonsLVAC/LW291994-01-05211 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4326,5192 Lbs6 ft 12,21 years$2,550,000 4120


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam WernerSWEG261997-05-02200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alexandar GeorgievRUSG271996-02-10182 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Alexander SamonovRUSG281995-08-23168 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Anton LevtchiFINLW271995-11-28185 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Ben HemmerlingCANRW192004-04-21159 Lbs5 ft1021No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ben StreetCANC/LW361987-02-13190 Lbs6 ft02Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Blake WheelerUSAC/RW371986-08-31225 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,250,000
Braeden BowmanCANRW202003-06-26194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Brandon MontourCAND291994-04-11193 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,100,000
Brayden SchennCANC/LW/RW321991-08-22200 Lbs6 ft143Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000
Brian BoyleUSAC/LW381984-12-18245 Lbs6 ft60Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Cavan FitzgeraldUSAD271996-08-23190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Chase PearsonCANC/LW261997-08-23202 Lbs6 ft37No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Chase PriskieUSAD271996-03-19185 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Christoffer EhnSWEC/LW271996-04-05181 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
David SavardCAND321990-10-22227 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000
Denis MalginCHEC/LW/RW261997-01-18177 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Dustin TokarskiCANG341989-09-16205 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Evan RodriguesCANC/LW/RW301993-07-28176 Lbs5 ft107Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Frederik AndersenDNKG331989-10-02230 Lbs6 ft40Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,100,000$6,100,000$6,100,000$6,100,000
Garnet HathawayUSALW/RW311991-11-23210 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Gustav NyquistSWELW/RW341989-09-01184 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jeremy RoyCAND261997-05-14195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Jocktan ChaineyCAND241999-09-08198 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Johnathan KovacevicCAND261997-07-12208 Lbs6 ft46No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Jordan MartinookCANC/LW/RW311992-07-25196 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Jordan WealCANC311992-04-15179 Lbs5 ft100Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Julien GauthierCANRW251997-10-15227 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Liam Dower-NilssonSWEC/LW/RW202003-04-14172 Lbs6 ft016No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Marcus SorensenSWELW/RW311992-04-07175 Lbs5 ft114Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,650,000
Mark LetestuCANC381985-02-04195 Lbs5 ft1014Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Mathew WardCANC/LW/RW192004-01-24172 Lbs5 ft815No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Michael McCarronUSAC/RW281995-07-04230 Lbs6 ft63No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Nicholas MerkleyCANC/RW261997-05-23194 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Nick LeivermannUSAD251998-09-14185 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nicolas MelocheCAND261997-07-18210 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nikita ScherbakRUSLW/RW271995-12-30192 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Pavel ZachaCZEC/LW261997-04-06210 Lbs6 ft36No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Phil KesselUSARW351987-10-02202 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Philippe MyersCAND261997-01-25210 Lbs6 ft539No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ryan SuterUSAD381985-01-21208 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,538,461$7,538,461
Sam GagnerCANC/RW341989-08-10200 Lbs5 ft1158Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000
Shea TheodoreCAND281995-08-03195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000
Stuart SkinnerCANG241998-11-01209 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Tage ThompsonUSAC/LW/RW251997-10-30219 Lbs6 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,950,000
Vinnie HinostrozaUSAC/RW291994-04-03173 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Zach BogosianUSAD331990-07-15226 Lbs6 ft326Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000
Zach WerenskiUSAD261997-07-19209 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,660,000$6,660,000$6,660,000$6,660,000
Zach WhitecloudCAND261996-11-28209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4928,6198 Lbs6 ft 11,92 years$2,360,173 4900


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex ChiassonCANLW/RW321990-10-01208 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex DeBrincatUSALW/RW251997-12-18165 Lbs5 ft70No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Alexander RomanovRUSD232000-01-06209 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Arvid HolmSWEG241998-11-03215 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Barclay GoodrowCANC/LW/RW301993-02-26215 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Ben HuttonCAND301993-04-20206 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Cameron HughesCANC261996-10-06160 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Casey FitzgeraldUSAD261997-02-25180 Lbs5 ft1120No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Danick MartelCANLW281994-12-12162 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
David PopeCANLW291994-09-27187 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Deven SideroffCANRW261997-04-14180 Lbs6 ft035No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Dryden McKayUSAG251997-11-25175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Elmer SoderblomSWELW222001-07-05220 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Eric CornelCANC/RW271996-04-11198 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Evan CormierCANG251997-11-06202 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Frank VatranoUSAC/LW/RW291994-03-14201 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Hayden HawkeyUSAG281995-03-01180 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jacob MiddletonCAND271996-01-02210 Lbs6 ft34No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Jacob OlofssonSWEC232000-02-08192 Lbs6 ft248No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Johan LarssonSWEC/LW311992-07-25202 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
John LeonardUSALW251998-08-07196 Lbs5 ft113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Kyle ConnorUSALW261996-12-09182 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,700,000
Lukas SedlakCZEC/LW301993-02-25205 Lbs6 ft015Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Luke KuninUSAC/RW251997-12-04195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,700,000$2,700,000$2,700,000
Matt DucheneCANC/RW321991-01-16195 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,850,000$8,850,000
Matt LuffCANRW261997-05-05196 Lbs6 ft213No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Max VeronneauCANRW271995-12-12193 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000
Michael FrolikCZELW/RW351988-02-17190 Lbs6 ft119Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$3,500,000
Michal KempnyCZED331990-09-08194 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Mikael BacklundSWEC/RW341989-03-17200 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,350,000
Mikhail SergachevRUSD251998-06-25215 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Neal PionkUSAD281995-07-29186 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Nikolai KovalenkoUSALW/RW231999-10-17192 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nolan PatrickCANC251998-09-19198 Lbs6 ft262No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Pavel ShenRUSC241999-08-14183 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Phil VaroneCANC/LW/RW321990-12-04193 Lbs5 ft1016No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Pierre-Edouard BellemareFRAC/LW/RW381985-03-06198 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Rickard RakellSWEC/LW/RW301993-05-05202 Lbs6 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,666,000$6,666,000
Riley SheahanCANC/LW311991-12-07214 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Robin LehnerSWEG321991-07-24241 Lbs6 ft40Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Ryan SheaUSAD261997-02-11190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Samuel MorinCAND281995-07-12202 Lbs6 ft313No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Simon BenoitCAND251998-09-19189 Lbs6 ft312No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Stephen JohnsUSAD311992-04-18221 Lbs5 ft715Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Timothy GettingerUSALW/RW251998-04-14220 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Toni UtunenFIND232000-04-27172 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Travis HamonicCAND331990-08-16205 Lbs6 ft223Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Trevor van RiemsdykUSAD321991-07-24192 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,9196 Lbs6 ft 11,54 years$2,233,146 4710


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex FormentonCANLW241999-09-13165 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Alex IafalloUSAC/LW291993-12-21188 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Alexander WennbergSWEC/LW/RW291994-09-22196 Lbs6 ft268Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,400,000$4,400,000$4,400,000$4,400,000
Anthony AngelloUSAC/RW271996-03-06197 Lbs6 ft416No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$2,900,000$2,900,000$2,900,000$2,900,000
Artemi KnyazevRUSD222001-01-04178 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Artyom MinulinRUSD241998-10-01192 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Brandon PirriCANC/LW/RW321991-04-10186 Lbs6 ft16Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Brendan LemieuxUSALW/RW271996-03-15215 Lbs6 ft115No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Bryan LittleCANC/RW351987-11-12191 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,291,666
Casey CizikasCANC321991-02-27195 Lbs5 ft117Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Chris DriedgerCANG291994-05-18207 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$985,000
Colin WhiteUSAC/RW261997-01-30183 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Darren DietzCAND301993-07-17201 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
David NoelCAND241999-04-10175 Lbs6 ft134No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Dereck BaribeauCANG241999-01-22220 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,058,000$1,058,000
Dmitri ShugayevRUSG251998-09-29157 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Evgenii DadonovRUSLW/RW341989-03-12185 Lbs5 ft110Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Igor OzhiganovRUSD301992-10-13210 Lbs6 ft247Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Jack JohnsonUSAD361987-01-13227 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jacob BrysonCAND251997-11-18175 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Jacob PetersonSWEC241999-07-19180 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyNo$750,000
Jake OettingerUSAG241998-12-18224 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,333,333$4,333,333
Jeremy BraccoUSARW261997-03-17185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Joel FarabeeUSALW232000-02-25164 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Joel L'esperanceUSAC281995-08-18215 Lbs6 ft222No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Joey KeaneUSAD241999-07-02187 Lbs6 ft00No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,850,000$4,850,000$4,850,000$4,850,000$4,850,000
Jordan SambrookCAND251998-04-11205 Lbs6 ft311Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jordan SpenceAUSD222001-02-24180 Lbs5 ft1016No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Juho LammikkoFINRW271996-01-29191 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Lias AnderssonSWEC/LW241998-10-13190 Lbs6 ft15No1 year Pro & FarmNo$980,000
Lubos HorkyCZELW/RW251997-11-14198 Lbs6 ft224No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Mareks MitensLATG251998-01-29185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Matej BlumelCZELW/RW232000-05-31198 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Michael BuntingCANLW/RW281995-09-17197 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Morgan BarronCANC241998-12-02220 Lbs6 ft415No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Moritz SeiderDEUD222001-04-06204 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Nick FolignoUSAC/LW/RW351987-10-31202 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Nicolas KerdilesUSAC/LW/RW291994-01-11200 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,999,999$2,999,999$2,999,999
Nikita GusevRUSLW311992-07-08163 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Oliver WahlstromUSARW232000-06-13204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Parker FordUSAC/RW232000-07-20185 Lbs5 ft925No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Patrik NemethSWED311992-02-08219 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Rhett PitlickUSALW222001-02-07160 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Robert HaggSWED281995-02-08204 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Simon RyforsSWEC/LW261997-08-16181 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Tanner FritzCANC/RW321991-08-20192 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Trevor MooreUSALW281995-03-31182 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Yegor SharangovichBLRC/LW/RW251998-06-06196 Lbs5 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Zach MetsaUSAD241998-10-19181 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4926,8193 Lbs6 ft 02,00 years$2,439,245 4810

Maple Leafs

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam PelechCAND291994-08-16218 Lbs6 ft314Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
AJ GreerCANLW261996-12-14204 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Alex VlasicUSAD222001-06-05198 Lbs6 ft642No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Alexandre AlainCANC261997-03-03180 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Alexandre TexierFRAC/LW/RW241999-09-13186 Lbs6 ft11No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$2,900,000$2,900,000
Antonio StrangesUSAC/LW212002-02-05181 Lbs5 ft1026No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Austen KeatingCANC241999-03-07172 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brandon HalversonUSAG271996-03-29213 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Brent BurnsCANRW/D381985-03-09230 Lbs6 ft50Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
Cayden PrimeauUSAG241999-08-11203 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Dan GirardiCAND391984-04-29212 Lbs6 ft146Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
David GustafssonSWEC232000-04-11196 Lbs6 ft29No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
David PerronCANLW/RW351988-05-28200 Lbs6 ft032Yes2 yearsPro OnlyNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Dmitrij JaskinRUSRW301993-03-23216 Lbs6 ft215Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Dylan CoghlanCAND251998-02-19190 Lbs6 ft28No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Emile PoirierCANLW281994-12-14196 Lbs6 ft22No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Erik KallgrenSWEG261996-10-14198 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Gabriel CarlssonSWED261997-01-02192 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Gabriel DumontCANC/RW321990-10-06190 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Jake GardinerUSAD331990-07-04203 Lbs6 ft224Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jakub ZborilCZED261997-02-21200 Lbs6 ft063No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Jonatan BerggrenSWEC/LW/RW232000-07-16195 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Joshua Ho-SangCANRW271996-01-22173 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Juuso RiikolaFIND291993-11-09189 Lbs6 ft042Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kevin FialaCHELW/RW271996-07-22193 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Kyle PalmieriUSALW/RW321991-02-01185 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Libor HajekCZED251998-02-04204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Linus UllmarkSWEG301993-07-31213 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Logan BrownUSAC251998-03-05220 Lbs6 ft68No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Lucas EdmondsSWELW/RW222001-01-27192 Lbs5 ft1114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Martin KautCZERW231999-10-02190 Lbs6 ft227No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Michael BenningCAND212002-01-05181 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Mika ZibanejadSWEC301993-04-18213 Lbs6 ft20Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Nikita OkhotyukRUSD222000-12-04195 Lbs6 ft18No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Nikolaj EhlersDNKLW/RW271996-02-14172 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Nino NiederreiterCHELW/RW311992-09-08218 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
Ostap SafinCZERW241999-02-11204 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Owen TippettCANLW/RW241999-02-16207 Lbs6 ft121No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Robby FabbriCANC/LW271996-01-22190 Lbs5 ft1012No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Shayne GostisbehereUSAD301993-04-20180 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Sidney CrosbyCANC361987-08-07200 Lbs5 ft1111Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,700,000$8,700,000
Spencer MartinCANG281995-06-08212 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000$1,150,000
Vasiliy PonomarevRUSC212002-03-13180 Lbs5 ft102No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Xavier BernardCAND232000-01-06205 Lbs6 ft320No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Zach SenyshynCANRW261997-03-30192 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527,0197 Lbs6 ft 11,73 years$2,320,556 4410


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex D'OrioCANG241999-04-28212 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Alex GalchenyukUSAC/LW/RW291994-02-12207 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000
Alexander VolkovRUSLW/RW261997-08-02192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Alexandre FortinCANLW261997-02-25184 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Allan McShaneCANC232000-02-14201 Lbs5 ft1127No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Anders NilssonSWEG331990-03-19234 Lbs6 ft60Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Andrei SvetlakovRUSC271996-04-06202 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Andrew MacDonaldCAND371986-09-07204 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000
Brad MorrisonCANC261997-01-04171 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Brennan MenellUSAD261997-05-24177 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Brett PollockCANLW/RW271996-03-17190 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Cam TalbotCANG361987-07-05198 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Connor BrownCANLW/RW291994-01-14183 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor McDavidCANC261997-01-13193 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$12,500,000$12,500,000$12,500,000
Evan WeingerUSARW261997-04-18194 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Guillaume BriseboisCAND261997-07-21175 Lbs6 ft219No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Hubert LabrieCAND321991-07-12180 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jake EvansCANC/RW271996-06-02186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
JC BeaudinCANC/RW261997-03-25185 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Joel TeasdaleCANLW/RW241999-03-11218 Lbs5 ft1110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Julius BergmanSWED271995-11-02205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Juuso ValimakiFIND241998-10-06212 Lbs6 ft268No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,700,000$5,700,000
Karel VejmelkaCZEG271996-05-25203 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Klim KostinRUSC/RW241999-05-05212 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Leon GawankeDEUD241999-05-31186 Lbs5 ft119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Libor SulakCZED291994-03-04190 Lbs6 ft28Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Luke JohnsonUSAC291994-09-19179 Lbs5 ft1140Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Mathew BarzalCANC/RW261997-05-26187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,850,000
Matt DumbaCAND291994-07-25182 Lbs6 ft031Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,550,000$7,550,000$7,550,000$7,550,000
Michael StoneCAND331990-06-07210 Lbs6 ft344Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Mikey AndersonUSAD241999-05-25197 Lbs6 ft025No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,350,000$4,350,000
Mitchell MarnerCANRW261997-05-05175 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000
Nathan NoelCANLW261997-06-21174 Lbs5 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Nic PetanCANC/LW/RW281995-03-22179 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Nick RitchieCANLW271995-12-05234 Lbs6 ft29No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Par LindholmSWEC/LW311991-10-05183 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Parker FooCANLW251998-09-12198 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Patrice BergeronCANC381985-07-24195 Lbs6 ft13Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000
Petr KodytekCZEC251998-08-17154 Lbs5 ft60Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Ross ColtonUSAC271996-09-11209 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Ryan CulkinCAND291993-12-15200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Sam ReinhartCANC/RW271995-11-06192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000
Santeri AirolaFIND232000-06-29163 Lbs5 ft1113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Shane BowersCANC241999-07-30186 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Thomas GregoireCAND251998-07-15170 Lbs5 ft1114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$989,000
Tristan JarryCANG281995-04-29196 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Vladimir TarasenkoRUSRW311991-12-13225 Lbs6 ft00Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Xavier ParentCANC/LW222001-03-23170 Lbs5 ft829No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Yakov TreninRUSC/LW261997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4927,3193 Lbs6 ft 01,76 years$2,273,755 4900


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam CarlsonUSAG291994-02-13197 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Adam MusilCANC261997-03-26202 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Alex StalockUSAG361987-07-28199 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Andrej SustrCZED321990-11-29217 Lbs6 ft77Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Andrew LaddCANLW/RW371985-12-12192 Lbs6 ft37Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Andrew PoturalskiUSAC/RW291994-01-14180 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Antoine RousselFRALW331989-11-21199 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Artturi LehkonenFINLW/RW281995-07-04177 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Ben ThomsonCANLW301993-01-16205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Bogdan KiselevichRUSD331990-02-14202 Lbs6 ft016Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Brett SeneyCANC/LW271996-02-28156 Lbs5 ft90No0 year Pro & FarmNo
C.J. SuessUSAC/LW291994-09-23190 Lbs5 ft119No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Carter CamperUSAC/RW351988-07-06176 Lbs5 ft90Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Christian WolaninCAND281995-03-17185 Lbs6 ft28No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Cole SchneiderUSALW/RW331990-08-26203 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Connor CarrickUSAD291994-04-13192 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
David KaseCZEC/LW/RW261997-01-28169 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
David PastrnakCZERW271996-05-25194 Lbs6 ft04No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Derek GrantCANC/LW/RW331990-04-20215 Lbs6 ft311Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Derick BrassardCANC361987-09-22202 Lbs6 ft117Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,569,000
Dryden HuntCANLW271995-11-24191 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Dylan FergusonCANG251998-09-20192 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Elias LindholmSWEC/RW281994-12-02195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,850,000
Emil DjuseSWED291993-10-27190 Lbs5 ft1143No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Erik GustafssonSWED311992-03-14197 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Filip ChlapikCZEC261997-06-03196 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Filip GustavssonSWEG251998-06-07187 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Griffin ReinhartCAND291994-01-24212 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jamie BennCANC/LW/RW341989-07-18205 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000
Jason ZuckerUSALW/RW311992-01-16183 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Jayce HawrylukCANC/RW271996-01-01196 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Joe MorrowCAND301992-12-09196 Lbs6 ft052Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Justin SchultzCAND331990-07-06193 Lbs6 ft223Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Kenny AgostinoUSALW311992-04-30199 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Kevin ConnautonCAND331990-02-23205 Lbs6 ft232No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Marc-Andre FleuryCANG381984-11-28185 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Mattias EkholmSWED331990-05-24215 Lbs6 ft413Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Mitch ReinkeUSAD271996-02-04181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Nicholas CaamanoCANLW/RW251998-09-07195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Nicolas DeslauriersCANLW/RW/D321991-02-22221 Lbs6 ft113Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000
Quinn HughesUSAD231999-10-14170 Lbs5 ft100No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Santtu KinnunenFIND241999-03-25154 Lbs6 ft314No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Seth JonesUSARW/D281994-10-03210 Lbs6 ft466Yes7 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,250,000$9,250,000$9,250,000$9,250,000$9,250,000
Sonny MilanoUSALW/RW271996-05-12195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Teddy BluegerLVAC291994-08-15185 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$2,800,000
Tomas HykaCZERW301993-03-23160 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,900,000$3,900,000
Tyler BertuzziCANLW/RW281995-02-24199 Lbs6 ft110No2 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,400,000$2,400,000
Ville PokkaFIND291994-03-06206 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Yanni GourdeCANC/LW/RW311991-12-15172 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,166,666$5,166,666

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4929,8193 Lbs6 ft 12,27 years$2,435,422 4720


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam HenriqueCANC/LW331990-02-06197 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,825,000
Al MontoyaUSAG381985-02-13200 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alexander NikishinRUSD222001-09-02196 Lbs6 ft330No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Alexander ZhabreyevRUSC232000-03-24165 Lbs5 ft812Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Alexei LipanovRUSC241999-08-17165 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Alexei SergeyevRUSC/LW232000-05-22185 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Carter HartCANG251998-08-13183 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,600,000
Dmitry OrlovRUSD321991-07-23212 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000
Dominik LakatosCZEC/RW261997-04-08178 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,650,000$2,650,000
Egor YakovlevRUSD321991-09-17190 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Emil BemstromSWEC/RW241999-06-01194 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Evgeny SvechnikovRUSLW/RW261996-10-31212 Lbs6 ft218No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Filip ForsbergSWELW/RW291994-08-13205 Lbs6 ft119Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Frederick GaudreauCANC/RW301993-05-01179 Lbs6 ft00Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Igor GeraskinRUSC/LW/RW251998-08-26163 Lbs5 ft80Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Ilya MironovRUSD222001-03-15203 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Ivan ChekhovichRUSLW241999-01-04185 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ivan KulbakovBLRG271996-09-18184 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jesper BoqvistSWEC/LW241998-10-30180 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
John CarlsonUSAD331990-01-10218 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Kevin HayesUSAC/RW311992-05-08216 Lbs6 ft517Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Kirill KirsanovRUSD212002-09-19198 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Leon DraisaitlDEUC/LW/RW271995-10-27208 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000
Linus SoderstromSWEG271996-08-23196 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Makar KhabarovRUSD241999-09-10183 Lbs5 ft116No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$965,000$965,000$965,000
Mark GiordanoCAND391983-10-03200 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,500,000
Matvei AverochkinRUSC/LW/RW202003-05-15201 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Maxim MaminRUSC/LW/RW281995-01-13201 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$751,000$751,000$751,000$751,000
Nico HischierCHEC241999-01-04175 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,750,000
Nikita PopugaevRUSLW241998-11-20217 Lbs6 ft644No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Nikita ZorkinRUSD232000-06-13194 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$876,000$876,000$876,000
Nikolay ProkhorkinRUSC/LW301993-09-17190 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$760,000$760,000
Pavel DorofeyevRUSLW/RW222000-10-26167 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Rasmus SandinSWED232000-03-07183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Robin KovacsSWELW/RW261996-11-16186 Lbs6 ft02No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Rushan RafikovRUSD281995-05-15185 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevRUSC232000-09-15160 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Vladislav YeryomenkoBLRD241999-04-23185 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$995,000$995,000
Wade AllisonCANRW251997-10-14205 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
William KarlssonSWEC/LW301993-01-08195 Lbs6 ft10Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,900,000$5,900,000$5,900,000$5,900,000
Wyatt KalynukCAND261997-04-14180 Lbs6 ft116No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Yaroslav AskarovRUSG212002-06-16176 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Yaroslav BusyginRUSD202003-02-14187 Lbs6 ft312No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Yegor VinogradovRUSC/RW202003-04-17181 Lbs6 ft217No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Zach Aston-ReeseUSAC/LW/RW291994-08-10204 Lbs6 ft09Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4526,2190 Lbs6 ft 11,80 years$2,296,044 4500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex NedeljkovicUSAG271996-01-07191 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000
Ben JonesCANC241999-02-26187 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brandon GignacCANC/LW251997-11-07170 Lbs5 ft1114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Christian FolinSWED321991-02-09204 Lbs6 ft33Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,100,000$2,100,000
CJ SmithUSALW281994-12-01181 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,333,333$3,333,333
Clayton KellerUSAC/LW/RW251998-07-29170 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Dalton ProutCAND331990-03-13215 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,450,000
Daniel AudetteCANC271996-05-06176 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$925,000$925,000
Darcy KuemperCANG331990-05-05215 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,200,000
Derrick PouliotCAND291994-01-16196 Lbs6 ft03Yes2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$885,000$885,000
Dominik KahunDEUC/LW/RW281995-07-02175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$875,000$875,000
Dustin WolfUSAG222001-04-16166 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Frederic AllardCAND251997-12-27179 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$875,000$875,000
Gabriel FontaineCANC/LW261997-04-30201 Lbs6 ft136No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$875,000$875,000
Ivan BarbashevRUSC/LW271995-12-14187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,650,000
Jacob LarssonSWED261997-04-29197 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jake McCabeUSAD291993-10-12206 Lbs6 ft137Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,550,000$4,550,000
Jake MuzzinCAND341989-02-21213 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Jakob Forsbacka KarlssonSWEC/RW261996-10-31184 Lbs6 ft17No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,875,000$1,875,000
Jamie OleksiakCAND301992-12-21255 Lbs6 ft712Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jan DrozgSLOLW241999-04-01174 Lbs6 ft213No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jean-Sebastien DeaCANC/RW291994-02-08175 Lbs5 ft1110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Jeff SkinnerCANC/LW/RW311992-05-16195 Lbs5 ft110Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Jesse GabrielleCANLW/RW261997-06-17204 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Jonas JohanssonSWEG281995-09-19209 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Farm OnlyNo$1,100,000
Joni IkonenFINC241999-04-14172 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jordan KawaguchiCANC261997-05-04175 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Farm OnlyNo$850,000
Julius HonkaFIND271995-12-03180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyNo$875,000
Ludwig BystromSWED291994-07-20169 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$975,000$975,000
Maksim SushkoBLRRW241999-02-10206 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Mario FerraroCAND251998-09-17185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$2,900,000
Matt NiskanenUSAD361986-12-06203 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Max PaciorettyUSALW341988-11-20206 Lbs6 ft23Yes2 yearsPro OnlyNo$6,850,000$6,850,000
Maxime ComtoisCANC/LW241999-01-08207 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,900,000$3,900,000
Michael McNivenCANG261997-07-09217 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Michael PezzettaCANC/LW251998-03-13204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Mikael GranlundFINC/LW/RW311992-02-26185 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Nail YakupovRUSLW/RW291993-10-06195 Lbs6 ft115Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Nazem KadriCANC/LW321990-10-06192 Lbs6 ft00Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$4,350,000$4,350,000$4,350,000
Nick SeelerUSAD301993-06-03198 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$995,000$995,000
Patric HornqvistSWERW361987-01-01190 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Rafael Harvey-PinardCANC/LW241999-01-06161 Lbs5 ft92No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ryan CollinsUSAD271996-05-06216 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Ryan HitchcockUSAC/LW271996-03-30176 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Samuel GirardCAND251998-05-12162 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Scott MayfieldUSAD301992-10-14223 Lbs6 ft50Yes2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$975,000$975,000
Victor SoderstromSWED222001-02-26196 Lbs6 ft09No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
William NylanderSWEC/RW271996-05-01191 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,962,366

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827,8192 Lbs6 ft 11,65 years$2,348,973 35211


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam Ollas MatssonSWED271996-07-30216 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Adam ReidebornSWEG311992-01-18179 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Alex DostieCANLW261997-04-13174 Lbs5 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$996,000$996,000
Alex LyonUSAG301992-12-09203 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Anders BjorkUSALW271996-08-05190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,126,000$1,126,000
Brayden BurkeCANRW261997-01-01165 Lbs5 ft105No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,008,000$1,008,000
Cal FooteUSAD241998-12-13221 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Claude GirouxCANC/LW/RW351988-01-12185 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Cole McWardUSAD222001-06-09192 Lbs6 ft126Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Collin AdamsUSALW251998-04-24172 Lbs5 ft97No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000
Colton SissonsCANC/LW/RW291993-11-05200 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
David SklenickaCZED271996-09-08194 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$961,000$961,000
Derek StepanUSAC331990-06-18196 Lbs6 ft024Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Drew DoughtyCAND331989-12-08202 Lbs6 ft10Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Erik CernakSVKD261997-05-28225 Lbs6 ft440No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,600,000
Ethan KeppenCANLW222001-03-20212 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Evander KaneCANLW/RW321991-08-02210 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Felix SandstromSWEG261997-01-12191 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Fredrik ClaessonSWED301992-11-24196 Lbs6 ft114Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Gabriel BourqueCANLW331990-09-23206 Lbs5 ft1011Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Garrett PilonCANC251998-04-13188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,089,000
Ian MitchellCAND241999-01-18173 Lbs5 ft1114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ilya MikheyevRUSLW/RW281994-10-10195 Lbs6 ft310No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,051,000
Jalen SmereckUSAD261997-01-15190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$991,000$991,000
Jonathan DrouinCANC/LW/RW281995-03-28193 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,700,000$5,700,000$5,700,000$5,700,000$5,700,000
Josh BaileyCANLW/RW331989-10-02212 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Kaapo KahkonenFING271996-08-16215 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Kole LindCANRW241998-10-16178 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Luke GlendeningUSAC/RW341989-04-28192 Lbs5 ft110Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,400,000$3,400,000$3,400,000
Mac HollowellCAND251998-09-26162 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Mackenzie EntwistleCANC/RW241999-07-14183 Lbs6 ft420No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Marian StudenicSVKLW/RW241998-10-28181 Lbs6 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Maxime FortierCANRW251997-12-15179 Lbs5 ft1016No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,008,000$1,008,000
Maxime LajoieCAND251997-11-05183 Lbs6 ft17No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,385,000$1,385,000
Michael DiPietroCANG241999-06-09200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Nick EbertUSAD291994-05-11205 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nico SturmDEUC281995-05-03207 Lbs6 ft330No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Nikita ZadorovRUSD281995-04-16230 Lbs6 ft57No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Nikita ZaitsevRUSD311991-10-29193 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Oleg SosunovRUSD251998-04-13236 Lbs6 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Philip BrobergSWED222001-06-25199 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Rasmus AsplundSWEC251997-11-03189 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Ryan McLeodCANC/LW/RW241999-09-21207 Lbs6 ft224No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Samuel BucekSVKLW/RW241998-12-19205 Lbs6 ft311Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000
Scott PerunovichUSAD251998-07-18175 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Sean DurziCAND241998-10-21195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,100,000$6,100,000$6,100,000
Sean KuralyUSAC/LW301993-01-20213 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tyler BozakCANC371986-03-19199 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Zac RinaldoCANLW/RW331990-06-15192 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4927,4196 Lbs6 ft 11,73 years$2,387,041 4900


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam McQuaidCAND361986-10-12212 Lbs6 ft415Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Aleksi HeponiemiFINC/LW/RW241999-01-09154 Lbs5 ft1014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Anthony BeauvillierCANLW/RW261997-06-08183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Anthony GrecoUSARW301993-09-30176 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Bo HorvatCANC281995-04-05215 Lbs6 ft00No7 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Cal PetersenUSAG281994-10-19188 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Calen AddisonCAND232000-04-11173 Lbs5 ft1113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Casey DeSmithUSAG321991-08-13182 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Colby CaveCANC281994-12-26200 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Connor DewarCANC241999-06-26183 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Cory SchneiderUSAG371986-03-18200 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Daniel VladarCZEG261997-08-20190 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Dysin MayoCAND271996-08-17194 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Eetu LuostarinenFINC251998-09-02179 Lbs6 ft36No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,875,000$1,875,000
Egor AfanasyevRUSC/LW/RW222001-01-23211 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Hampus GustafssonSWEC/LW291993-10-26205 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jake BeanCAND251998-06-09176 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Jake WalmanCAND271996-02-20170 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jakob ChychrunUSAD251998-03-31210 Lbs6 ft242No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jared McIsaacCAND232000-03-27192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jimmy HowardUSAG391984-03-26218 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
John TavaresCANC/LW331990-09-20209 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000
Jonathon MartinCANC/RW281995-08-23215 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Joona KoppanenFINC251998-02-25192 Lbs6 ft516No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Julius NattinenFINC261997-01-14206 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Kevan MillerUSAD351987-11-15210 Lbs6 ft247Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Markus NutivaaraFIND291994-06-06191 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Martin NecasCZEC/RW241999-01-15189 Lbs6 ft235No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,750,000
Nelson NogierCAND271996-05-27194 Lbs6 ft314No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nick RobertsonUSALW222001-09-11183 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Nikita KucherovRUSRW301993-06-17178 Lbs5 ft110Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Oscar FantenbergSWED311991-10-07206 Lbs6 ft044Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Philipp KurashevCHEC/LW/RW231999-10-12190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Pontus HolmbergSWEC/LW/RW241999-03-09174 Lbs5 ft102No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,500,000
Robin PressSWED281994-12-21209 Lbs6 ft35No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Rudolfs BalcersLVALW/RW261997-04-08175 Lbs5 ft1110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ryan SpoonerCANC/LW311992-01-30191 Lbs5 ft1113Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Sam SteelCANC251998-02-03184 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Samuel BlaisCANLW/RW271996-06-17205 Lbs6 ft23No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Sasha ChmelevskiUSAC/RW241999-06-09188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Shawn BoudriasCANRW241999-09-14214 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Simon HolmstromSWELW/RW222001-05-24203 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Taylor HallCANLW/RW311991-11-14205 Lbs6 ft111Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Trey Fix-WolanskyCANRW241999-05-26186 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ty EmbersonUSAD232000-05-24194 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Victor OlofssonSWELW/RW281995-07-18181 Lbs5 ft1146No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Yegor ZaitsevRUSD251998-05-03180 Lbs6 ft021No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4727,2193 Lbs6 ft 11,98 years$2,260,106 4700

Red Wings

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam FoxUSAD251998-02-17181 Lbs5 ft110No8 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,800,000$8,800,000$8,800,000$8,800,000$8,800,000
Andreas AthanasiouCANC/LW/RW291994-08-06188 Lbs6 ft230Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Arttu RuotsalainenFINC/LW/RW251997-10-29185 Lbs5 ft911No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000
Axel HolmstromSWEC271996-06-29219 Lbs6 ft021No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Bobby RyanUSALW/RW361987-03-17209 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Boo NievesUSAC291994-01-23210 Lbs6 ft321Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Caleb JonesUSAD261997-06-06194 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Calle RosenSWED291994-02-02186 Lbs6 ft116Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Cam DineenUSAD251998-06-19187 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Carl DahlstromSWED281995-01-28231 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Danny DeKeyserUSAD331990-03-07192 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,950,000$2,950,000$2,950,000
Darren RaddyshCAND271996-02-28200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Devin ShoreCANC/LW/RW291994-07-19205 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Dmitri RashevskyRUSRW222000-10-09176 Lbs6 ft137No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Dmitry KulikovRUSD321990-10-29204 Lbs6 ft19Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Dmitry OsipovRUSD261996-10-04230 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Dominic TurgeonCANC271996-02-25200 Lbs6 ft216No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Giovanni FioreCANLW271996-08-13188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jack DoughertyUSAD271996-05-25196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jake AllenCANG331990-08-07204 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,800,000
Jean-Gabriel PageauCANC301992-11-11184 Lbs5 ft1019Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000
JJ PeterkaDEUC/LW/RW212002-01-14190 Lbs6 ft010No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Johnny GaudreauUSALW301993-08-13165 Lbs5 ft90Yes5 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Jonathan QuickUSAG371986-01-21217 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Martins DzierkalsLATLW/RW261997-04-04185 Lbs6 ft071Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Matt TomkinsCANG291994-06-19195 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matthew HighmoreCANC/LW/RW271996-02-27188 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Nick AbbruzzeseUSAC241999-06-04160 Lbs5 ft92No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Nick SchneiderCANG261997-07-31171 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nils HoglanderSWELW222000-12-20185 Lbs5 ft916No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Oliver KylingtonSWED261997-05-19183 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Pavel KoltyginRUSC/LW241999-02-17176 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Radim ZohornaCZEC/LW/RW271996-04-29220 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Reilly SmithCANLW/RW321991-04-01185 Lbs6 ft00Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Robin SaloFIND241998-10-13187 Lbs6 ft15Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Roman PolakCZED371986-04-28240 Lbs6 ft222Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Sergei ShumakovRUSRW311992-09-04196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000
Shane StarrettUSAG291994-07-12197 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Tanner JeannotCANLW261997-05-29208 Lbs6 ft26No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Tyler Angle CANC/LW232000-09-30171 Lbs5 ft1011Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000
Tyler GraovacCANC301993-04-27208 Lbs6 ft50Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Tyler MyersUSAD331990-02-01229 Lbs6 ft85Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,250,000$7,250,000
Tyson JostCANC/LW/RW251998-03-14191 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Victor HedmanSWED321990-12-18223 Lbs6 ft60Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,875,000$7,875,000
Warren FoegeleCANLW/RW271996-04-01198 Lbs6 ft21No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4528,0196 Lbs6 ft 11,76 years$2,347,778 4500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron LuchukCANC261997-04-04178 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Adam BrooksCANC271996-05-06185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Adam HuskaSVKG261997-05-12230 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Adam PlantCAND281995-05-09170 Lbs5 ft1012No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Andreas MartinsenNORLW/RW331990-06-13229 Lbs6 ft37Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$895,000
Andrew NielsenCAND261996-11-13210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Auston MatthewsUSAC261997-09-17223 Lbs6 ft325No1 year Pro & FarmNo$11,634,000
Bokondji ImamaCANLW271996-08-03221 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Carl GunnarssonSWED361986-11-09198 Lbs6 ft236Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,350,000
Carl HagelinSWELW351988-08-23186 Lbs5 ft1149Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Carl SoderbergSWEC/LW371985-10-12210 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Carsen TwarynskiCANLW251997-11-24198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$840,000
Charles D'AstousCAND251998-04-21188 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Chris ButlerUSAD361986-10-27196 Lbs6 ft15Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Connor McMichaelCANC222001-01-15180 Lbs6 ft08No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Declan McDonnellUSAC/LW/RW212002-02-25190 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Dominik BokkDEULW/RW232000-02-03181 Lbs6 ft223No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Hugh McGingUSALW251998-07-11167 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jack EichelUSAC261996-10-28200 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Jesper FastSWERW311991-12-02192 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Jesse PuljujarviFINRW251998-05-07201 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Joel Eriksson EkSWEC/LW/RW261997-01-29208 Lbs6 ft16No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jordan EberleCANRW331990-05-15187 Lbs5 ft1114Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Josh MahuraCAND251998-05-05185 Lbs6 ft022No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Josh MansonUSAD311991-10-07216 Lbs6 ft33Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Justin AugerCANRW291994-05-14232 Lbs6 ft615Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ken ApplebyCANG281995-04-10211 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$971,000
Mark PysykCAND311992-01-11200 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Martin JonesCANG331990-01-10191 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,750,000
Matt BradleyCANC261997-01-22190 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matvei MichkovRUSRW182004-12-09172 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Max JonesUSALW251998-02-17220 Lbs6 ft320No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,300,000$3,300,000
Mitchell Vande SompelCAND261997-02-11194 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Nils LundkvistSWED232000-07-27187 Lbs5 ft119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Olli MaattaFIND291994-08-22206 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,100,000
Rasmus DahlinSWED232000-04-13190 Lbs6 ft30No7 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Samuel PoulinCANLW/RW222001-02-25214 Lbs6 ft29No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Scott DarlingUSAG341988-12-22227 Lbs6 ft50Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Slava DeminUSAD232000-04-04194 Lbs6 ft26No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Spencer FooCANRW291994-05-19190 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
Steven KampferUSAD351988-09-24198 Lbs5 ft117Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
TJ OshieUSAC/RW361986-12-23195 Lbs5 ft1046Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000
Tom McCollumUSAG331989-12-07222 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Trevor ZegrasUSAC222001-03-20185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Vincent TrocheckUSAC/RW301993-07-11186 Lbs5 ft104Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527,9199 Lbs6 ft 12,04 years$2,440,333 4410


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alec MartinezUSAD361987-07-26209 Lbs6 ft118Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Alexei ToropchenkoRUSLW/RW241999-06-25222 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Andrew PeekeUSAD251998-03-17196 Lbs6 ft35No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ben GleasonUSAD251998-03-25185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$770,000
Benoit-Olivier GroulxCANC/LW232000-02-06195 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Brady GilmourCANC241999-04-18181 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$800,000$800,000
Brendan GuhleCAND261997-07-29196 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$800,000$800,000
Brett ConnollyCANLW/RW311992-05-02195 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Christian DvorakUSAC/LW271996-02-02195 Lbs6 ft044No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,450,000$4,450,000
Cody CeciCAND291993-12-21209 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,684,000$2,684,000$2,684,000
Connor BunnamanCANC251998-04-16207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$770,000
Devan DubnykCANG371986-05-04225 Lbs6 ft60Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Egor ZamulaRUSD232000-03-30176 Lbs6 ft37No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Isac LundestromSWEC/LW231999-11-06187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Jack HughesUSAC/LW222001-05-14175 Lbs5 ft1154No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jake PatersonCANG291994-05-03179 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$800,000$800,000
Jason SpezzaCANC401983-06-13215 Lbs6 ft330No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
John QuennevilleCANC/LW/RW271996-04-16195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jonathan DahlenSWEC/LW/RW251997-12-20180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jordan GreenwayUSALW/RW261997-02-16227 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Josef KorenarCZEG251998-01-31186 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Kaiden GuhleCAND212002-01-18205 Lbs6 ft236No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Kevin BahlCAND232000-06-27230 Lbs6 ft618No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Kevin StenlundSWEC/RW271996-09-20215 Lbs6 ft426No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,700,000$2,700,000$2,700,000
Lawson CrouseCANLW261997-06-23220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
MacKenzie WeegarCAND291994-01-07200 Lbs6 ft010Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Mathieu OlivierUSALW/RW261997-02-11210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Matthew PhillipsCANC/RW251998-04-06140 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$770,000
Mikko KoskinenFING351988-07-18204 Lbs6 ft70Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Nick HoldenCAND361987-05-15214 Lbs6 ft40Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Noah DobsonCAND232000-01-07195 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Patrik RybarSVKG291993-11-09189 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Pavol RegendaSVKLW/RW231999-12-07212 Lbs6 ft40Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Petrus PalmuFINLW/RW261997-07-16172 Lbs5 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,666,666$3,666,666$3,666,666
Pius SuterCHEC/LW271996-05-24176 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Rasmus KupariFINC/RW232000-03-15200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Ryan StromeCANC/RW301993-07-11194 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,600,000
Samuel WalkerUSAC/RW241999-06-07141 Lbs5 ft1015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Sean WalkerCAND281994-11-13196 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Simon LundmarkSWED222000-10-08201 Lbs6 ft210No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Spencer KnightUSAG222001-04-19192 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Tarmo ReunanenFIND251998-03-01185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Thomas HarleyUSAD222001-08-19190 Lbs6 ft322No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Travis KonecnyCANLW/RW261997-03-11175 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,125,000$5,125,000$5,125,000
Troy TerryUSAC/RW261997-09-10178 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Tyler BensonCANLW251998-03-15190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Vasili PodkolzinRUSRW222001-06-24190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Vince DunnCAND261996-10-29203 Lbs6 ft03No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Wyatt JohnstonCANC202003-05-14185 Lbs6 ft162No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Yegor KorshkovRUSRW271996-07-10214 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5026,3195 Lbs6 ft 21,64 years$2,041,713 4523


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexandre RangerCANRW281995-08-18184 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$965,000
Braden SchneiderCAND222001-09-20209 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Brian DumoulinUSAD321991-09-06207 Lbs6 ft42Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Chandler StephensonCANC/LW291994-04-22203 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,800,000
Chase BalisyUSAC311992-02-02179 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Chris KreiderUSALW/RW321991-04-30220 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Connor ZaryCANC222001-09-25178 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Cooper MarodyUSAC/RW261996-12-20184 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Dante SalituroCANRW261996-11-15176 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$922,000
Danton HeinenCANC/LW/RW281995-07-05188 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Dylan McIlrathCAND311992-04-20236 Lbs6 ft518Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Eeli TolvanenFINLW/RW241999-04-22191 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Eric RobinsonUSALW281995-06-14200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Evan McEnenyCAND291994-05-22203 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Francis PerronCANLW271996-04-18166 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Gage QuinneyUSAC281995-07-29200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Jake GuentzelUSALW/RW281994-10-06180 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Jared CoreauCANG311991-11-05216 Lbs6 ft50Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Joakim RyanUSAD301993-06-17185 Lbs5 ft1115Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jon GilliesUSAG291994-01-22225 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jonathan MarchessaultCANC/LW/RW321990-12-27174 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
JT CompherUSAC/LW/RW281995-04-08193 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,875,000
Karl AlznerCAND351988-09-24219 Lbs6 ft361Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Kris RussellCAND361987-05-02170 Lbs5 ft100Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Kyle CapobiancoCAND261997-08-13196 Lbs6 ft164No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Kyle WoodCAND271996-05-04235 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Lucas WallmarkSWEC281995-09-05178 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Malcolm SubbanCANG291993-12-21202 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000$1,850,000
Marc StaalCAND361987-01-13213 Lbs6 ft40Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,650,000$2,650,000
Marcus HogbergSWEG281994-11-25219 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Mattias JanmarkSWEC/LW/RW301992-12-08195 Lbs6 ft10Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Michael BrodzinskiUSAD281995-05-28200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$954,000
Michael RafflAUTLW/RW341988-12-01200 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Mike MathesonCAND291994-02-27193 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,875,000$4,875,000$4,875,000
Morgan RiellyCAND291994-03-09221 Lbs6 ft10Yes7 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Nicholas BaptisteCANRW281995-08-04205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Nick DeSimoneUSAD281994-11-21190 Lbs6 ft215No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Nick SuzukiCANC/RW241999-08-10201 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Patrik LaineFINLW/RW251998-04-19206 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,500,000
Pierre-Luc DuboisCANC/LW251998-06-24207 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000
Riley NashCANC/RW341989-05-09190 Lbs6 ft10Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Robert BortuzzoCAND341989-03-18216 Lbs6 ft429Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Semyon VarlamovRUSG351988-04-27206 Lbs6 ft20Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Spencer WatsonCANRW271996-04-25170 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$972,000
Tom PyattCANC/LW/RW361987-02-14185 Lbs5 ft110Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Zack MacEwenCANC271996-07-08205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4629,1198 Lbs6 ft 11,96 years$2,412,783 4501


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andrew CoppUSAC/LW291994-07-08206 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Anthony RichardCANC/LW261996-12-20163 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Anthony StolarzUSAG291994-01-20212 Lbs6 ft60Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Anttoni HonkaFIND232000-09-05179 Lbs5 ft103No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Brandon SutterUSAC/RW341989-02-14190 Lbs6 ft325Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,050,000$3,050,000
Cale FleuryCAND241998-11-12212 Lbs6 ft1121No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Corban KnightCANC331990-09-10195 Lbs6 ft22Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Daniel SprongNLDRW261997-03-17180 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
David RittichCZEG311992-08-19208 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Erik CondraUSARW371986-08-06185 Lbs5 ft110Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Gustav BourammanSWED261997-01-24187 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Hannes BjorninenFINC/LW/RW271995-10-19190 Lbs6 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Hayden VerbeekCANC/LW251997-10-17184 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Henrik HaapalaFINLW291994-02-28165 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jaccob SlavinUSAD291994-05-01207 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,300,000$5,300,000
Jack BadiniUSAC251998-01-19203 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
James van RiemsdykUSALW/RW341989-05-04217 Lbs6 ft317Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000
Jesper LindgrenSWED261997-05-19161 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Jonas BrodinSWED301993-07-12198 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,300,000$3,300,000
Jordan OesterleUSAD311992-06-25182 Lbs6 ft012Yes6 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Josiah SlavinUSALW241998-12-31189 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Konstantin OkulovRUSC/RW281995-02-18183 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Lucas RaymondSWELW/RW212002-03-28182 Lbs5 ft1115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mikko RantanenFINRW261996-10-29215 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000$8,750,000
Mirco MuellerCHED281995-03-21210 Lbs6 ft347No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Nate ProsserUSAD371986-05-07207 Lbs6 ft25Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Nate SchmidtUSAD321991-07-16194 Lbs6 ft13Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,950,000$5,950,000
Nick BoninoUSAC351988-04-20196 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,500,000$2,500,000
Nicklas BackstromSWEC351987-11-23210 Lbs6 ft114Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,751,000$7,751,000
Nikita TertyshnyRUSC/LW/RW251998-06-11150 Lbs5 ft80Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Niklas HjalmarssonSWED361987-06-06197 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,850,000$3,850,000
Oscar DanskSWEG291994-02-28197 Lbs6 ft30Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Otto SomppiFINC251998-01-12190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
PK SubbanCANRW/D341989-05-13210 Lbs6 ft341Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Riley DamianiCANC/RW232000-03-20170 Lbs5 ft1030No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ryan O'ReillyCANC321991-02-07216 Lbs6 ft10Yes6 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000
Sam MontembeaultCANG261996-10-30211 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro OnlyYes$1,000,000
Sami NikuFIND261996-10-10176 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Sven BaertschiCHELW301992-10-05190 Lbs5 ft114Yes6 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tony DeAngeloUSAD271995-10-24180 Lbs5 ft1115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Tuukka RaskFING361987-03-10177 Lbs6 ft30Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,750,000
Ty LewisCANLW/RW251998-03-05180 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Tyler EnnisCANLW/RW331989-10-06174 Lbs5 ft97Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Will ReillyCAND261997-07-23197 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4428,9191 Lbs6 ft 12,05 years$2,577,295 4310


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andreas JohnssonSWELW/RW281994-11-21181 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Anthony CirelliCANC/LW261997-07-15180 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Anthony LouisUSALW281995-02-10151 Lbs5 ft70No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,260,000$1,260,000$1,260,000
Anton LundellFINC/LW212001-10-03185 Lbs6 ft15No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Artyom DudaRUSD192004-04-08187 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Aurelien DairFRAC241999-09-10165 Lbs6 ft20Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Ben BishopUSAG361986-11-21216 Lbs6 ft70Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Bogdan KonyushkovRUSD202002-12-20176 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Boris KatchoukCANLW/RW251998-06-18206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Brad HuntCAND351988-08-24187 Lbs5 ft90Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Brad MaloneCANC341989-05-20217 Lbs6 ft22Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Brian ElliottCANG381985-04-09209 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Daniil IsayevRUSG232000-01-07172 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Givani SmithCANRW251998-02-27210 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Greg PrintzUSALW/RW251998-05-04218 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000
Hardy Haman AktellSWED251998-07-04198 Lbs6 ft41Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000$1,850,000
Ian McCoshenUSAD281995-08-05217 Lbs6 ft317No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jake DeBruskCANLW/RW261996-10-17188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,800,000
Jaycob MegnaUSAD301992-12-10221 Lbs6 ft610Yes3 yearsPro OnlyNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Johannes KinnvallSWED261997-07-28181 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,135,000$1,135,000
Joonas KorpisaloFING291994-04-28182 Lbs6 ft30Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jordie BennCAND361987-07-26199 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro OnlyNo$3,750,000$3,750,000
Joseph GambardellaUSAC/LW291993-12-01201 Lbs5 ft100Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Josh LopinaUSAC222001-02-16195 Lbs6 ft218Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Justin FaulkUSAD311992-03-20217 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,200,000
Matt MartinCANLW341989-05-08220 Lbs6 ft38Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Matt PuempelCANLW301993-01-24205 Lbs6 ft10Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Merrick MadsenUSAG281995-08-22179 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Michael CarconeCANLW271996-05-19170 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Michael Del ZottoCAND331990-06-24201 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Nick LeddyUSAD321991-03-20207 Lbs6 ft00Yes1 year Pro OnlyNo$4,000,000
Nikita AlexandrovRUSC232000-09-16185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Oskar LindblomSWELW271996-08-15191 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Pontus AbergSWELW/RW301993-09-23194 Lbs6 ft033Yes3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,260,000$1,260,000$1,260,000
Ryan EllisCAND321991-01-03180 Lbs5 ft100Yes4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Ryan ZuhlsdorfUSAD261997-07-01187 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Samuel FagemoSWELW/RW232000-03-14200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Seth JarvisCANC/RW212002-02-01175 Lbs5 ft108Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Sheldon DriesUSAC/LW291994-04-23185 Lbs5 ft90Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Valentin ZykovRUSLW/RW281995-05-15220 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,150,000$2,150,000$2,150,000
Valtteri ViirretFIND202003-08-11181 Lbs5 ft816No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Victor SjoholmSWED202003-07-08179 Lbs5 ft933No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Viljami MarjalaFINC/LW/RW202003-01-29176 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Vincent DunnCANC281995-09-14190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Wayne SimmondsCANLW/RW351988-08-26185 Lbs6 ft20Yes2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
William CarrierCANLW281994-12-20212 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,575,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4627,5193 Lbs6 ft 12,02 years$2,035,978 4330